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The Chemtrail Controversy! Excellent Video Presentation

We see them all the time; strange new 'cloud formations' that come out of the wings of an airplane and slowly expand to sometimes fill the whole sky with a milky white 'cloud'. Is someone 'doing this to us'? If so, who? And why?

Fukushima Reaches our Shores. Our Salmon Now ‘Glow’ In The Dark! Mainstream Media Remain...

Fukushima radiation mutates American species. What does it do to our Salmon? Its time to take a geiger counter to find out for ourselves. Its obvious our governments will not tell us.

Chemistry Expert: Carbon Dioxide Can’t Cause Global Warming

Written by Dr Mark Imisides (Industrial Chemist) Originally Published February 9th, 2017 Scarcely a day goes by without us being warned of coastal inundation by rising...

Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment

At the recent “Forum on Solar Geoengineering Research,” Harvard engineer (and consistent proponent of climate engineering) David Keith announced his plan for a new project that will assess the risks and benefits of deploying geoengineering on a large public scale.

Chemtrails Exposed By Pilots, Doctors, & Scientists Soil & Water Tested High In Aluminum...

“When you aerosolize the storm track, you diminish and disperse the rain. This is not seeding to create rain, this is seeding to create artificial cloud cover. And because there are too many condensation nucleii, it tends to disperse that moisture as we have seen in California. Dane Wigington, having spoke in front of the California Energy Commission (which recognized this fact) – went on to state “when you have too many particles in the air, it diminishes rain, it does not augment it, because those particles are too small. Read More INSIDE

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm talks about Geoengineering (Chemtrails) with Drex on CKNW

Vander Zalm Exposes Geoengineering to city counsels throughout British Columbia, but also applies for FOI with both the BC provincial government, and the Feds….

Chemistry Expert: Carbon Dioxide Can’t Cause Global Warming

Why on earth do we attribute any heating of the oceans to carbon dioxide, when there is a far more obvious culprit, and when such a straightforward examination of the thermodynamics render it impossible.

CO2 Scam: Australian Senator Malcom Roberts, Dr. Tim Ball

Australia’s Parliament House hosts a discussion about the CO2 Scam. Senator Malcolm Roberts discusses the CSIRO and how it used to be a reliable source of science.

Media blackout over “unimaginable” radiation levels detected at Fukushima…

Almost no media outlets in the United States even mentioned the alarming news, either. As The Guardian reports, radiation levels have reach what experts call an “unimaginable” intensity inside the containment structure of reactor No. 2, clocking in at 530 sieverts per hour.

Was President Trump shown the inside of a geoengineered jet?

POTUS @realDonaldTrump with the employees – celebrating the brand new @Boeing Dreamliner in Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday, February 17, 2017