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Tyrannical Gov Has Just Been Exposed, 25th Amendment Just Came Into Focus, Panic Everywhere...

With everything the people are witnessing they are seeing the tyrannical government for the first time.

Bill Maher on Biden’s Pandering, Woke Progressives Supporting Terrorists, and Value of Disagreement

"What This Comedian Said Will Shock You," to talk about how radical gender ideology involving kids is like "entrapment,"

List of Grocery Stores and Growers (U.S.) that Use Apeel Food Coating that Is...

A health researcher made a list of stores and growers and their policies around using Apeel’s Edipeel (used on conventional produce) and Organipeel (used on organic produce) food coatings

RFK Jr. takes disastrous position on child transgender issue

RFK Jr. takes disastrous position on child transgender issue

Comey Panic, Cyber Attack Narrative Building, Pause, Setting The Stage, Optics Are Important –...

 The [DS] is now panicking, Comey says if Trump gets back in the country will change, translation, the criminal syndicate will come to end

Justin Trudeau, “Decolonization,” And The Erasure Of English Canada, by Brad Salzberg

"Taken to its logical conclusion, a decolonized Canada means the erasure of everything bestowed by Britain."

Klaus Schwab to step down as WEF chairman after 53 years

Schwab, 86, announced his decision on Tuesday and is transitioning to a non-executive role by January 2025, according to a statement on the WEF website

Erik Prince on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Biden Claimed The Taliban Was No Match For The Afghan Military

B.C. serial killer Robert Pickton savagely attacked in prison, clinging to life

Notorious B.C. serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton was on life support Monday after a brutal attack by another prisoner in Quebec’s maximum Port-Cartier Institution

Open Letter To John Rustad , Leader Of The BC Conservative Party —Ideas For...

It is obvious to all who live in British Columbia that you and the Party that you now lead are a major political force in the political life of the Province. That you and your Party will have a significant influence on public policy at least over the next several years.