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Never Trust the CBC, by Candice Malcolm (Video added)

The CBC thinks you and I are “far-right.” Why? Well, according to the state broadcasting, opposing illegal immigration, worrying about ISIS terrorism, and loving our country is all it takes to be far-right these days

Morris: Voters Moving Right While Democrats Move Left

Over the past five months, President Trump’s ratings, according to the realclearpolitics.com moving average, have flipped from 38-58 to 44-52 — a growth of six points in approval and a drop of six points in disapproval

LAWSUIT: Monsanto hid the truth about glyphosate and cancer

For the first time ever, the world’s most evil corporation may finally have to face up to their crimes in court

It’s Disturbing How Trudeau Reserves His Anger For Canadians Who Disagree With Him, Instead...

The rage filled expression is what we often see from Trudeau when he attacks people who disagree with him, and it’s the true heart of the federal government underneath the “Sunny Ways” facade

Nolte: James Clapper Admits to ‘Spying’ from Inside the Trump Campaign

During a Tuesday appearance on the View, no less than the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper described what was done by the Obama administration to Donald’s Trump campaign as “spying.”

Spies, Propaganda, DOJ Swamp and Judicial Watch: Michael Rivero This Week

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-bZefltQE8&feature=youtu.be   Volcano, ADHD, Vaccines, and Food. Guest's website: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ Produced by https://www.HoweStreet.com Don't miss out - Stay Informed! Receive the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap with thought provoking podcasts, radio...

Tim Ball – The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science


Scientists warn that 5G tech found in WiFi street lamps is causing insomnia, nosebleeds,...

We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows

Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign, by Jon Rappoport

the mole wasn’t a spy, he was an informant

Poll shows Trudeau’s Liberals would be wiped out west of Quebec

The news that the latest Angus Reid poll would see the Conservatives take 40% of the popular vote to the Liberals 30% is a surprising story, almost as surprising as millennial voters fleeing the Liberals to the Conservatives