FUREY: Who actually has the coronavirus in Canada

True North's Anthony Furey says public health officials should level with us by being more transparent.

COVID vaccine: what else could they put in the shot? Jon Rappoport

There has never been a greater opportunity to deploy one vaccine against so many people. So it’s certainly not out of line to consider a “dual use.”

EXCLUSIVE: Judge Emmett Sullivan from General Flynn Trial, Arranged Speaking Gig for James Comey...

He’s not only famous for his unethical standards and actions in the Flynn trial, he also ordered that deported asylum seekers must be returned to the US.

Panic Sets In, The Economy Is Moving In The Wrong Direction – [DS] Event...

The MSM/Ds are pushing the narrative that the economy will not improve, it will not bounce back, they are pushing this because their event has failed, they are now panicking.

Bill Gates Admits 700,000 Will Die From the Vaccine Mandatory Vaccines Coming 2021? in...

BAD Apple tv with D.rude Corona Virus in Flu Shots?AUS Gates Virus 10million$ :

Canada liable to compensate Chinese companies for COVID-19 losses under Harper govt trade agreement

Canada is liable to compensate Chinese companies for losses incurred due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, under the terms of a trade agreement the Harper government signed with China

Tom Fitton: #ObamaGate Being Investigated by FBI

Tom Fitton joins Lou Dobbs on Fox Business

How Governments Are Hunting the Infected – The Corbett Report

Welcome back to New World Next Week —

Obama & Biden Get To Walk? – Harley Schlanger – SGT Report

Attorney General William Barr says it's unlikely that we'll see any criminal investigations of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, so will they walk scot-free? Will Hillary Clinton and John Brennan escape justice too?

Q Senator, Trump Overules Governors and more – Dustin Nemos

complicity is the norm and Dustin delves into. President Trump is standing up for Americans.