WATCH: Trump Calls Trudeau “Two-Faced”

Trump has now clearly seen the video

Bill Barr Indicts 8 People For Illegally Funneling Millions In Foreign Money To Hillary’s...

In an odd twist of fate, Bill Barr just arrested 8 people and charged them with illegally funneling foreign money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Lisa Page Plays Victim, Epstein Plot Thickens, plus Q News with Dustin Nemos

https://youtu.be/R2wRUjuUUzA   Hello my friend. It's Dustin Nemos from the Nemos News Network. You can’t make this up… Biden goes on tour, and talks about how much he...

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker at Deutsche & Citi Found Swinging From a Rope; Executive...

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner confirmed Thomas Bowers died by an apparent suicide by hanging at his home before Thanksgiving.

YouTube/Google Admits to Deleting 300+ Trump Ads – And That’s Not All

The growing role of big tech in influencing elections is no joke, and it’s putting the liberal media to shame.

CASE CLOSED: Ukrainian President Zelensky ONCE AGAIN Says No Quid Pro Quo for US...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once again told reporters in a recent interview that there was NO quid pro quo for US aid to Ukraine.

Impeachment Hurting Dems, Helping Reps. Biden Worst Yet Moments, Hong Kong’s Pivol Moment

It's Monday December the 2nd, and here is the latest report on the Nemos News Network...

Canada Must Strip Prince Andrew Of His Canadian Military Titles

The federal government must take a stand and make it clear that our nation will be removing Andrew from his roles in the military

Julian Assange’s Health Is So Bad He ‘Could Die in Prison’, According to Letter...

More than 60 doctors have written an open letter warning that the health of WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, 48, is so bad that he could die inside a British jail.

It Begins… Facebook Ramps Up Attacks on Conservative Content – Is Now Deleting First...

Since President Trump “unexpectedly” won the 2016 presidential election Facebook, Google, Twitter have worked vigorously to eliminate conservative voices and conservative content on their platforms.