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Faced with Cancer & Radiation, Corrie Yelland chooses Cannabis Oil and Wins!

The remarkable story of Cannabis Health Radio’s co-host Corrie Yelland. Faced with a cancer diagnosis and recommendation of radiation treatment, which would cause devastating side effects, she researched cannabis oil as an alternative treatment and successfully rid her body of cancer. She now helps others around the world.

The Canadian Government Is Lying About Cannabis Legalization (Video)

Cannabis is the gateway to liberty...but not if the Canadian government can help it!There is a grand illusion taking place in Canada right now where the masses have been deceived into believing that cannabis will be legalized for the benefit of the Canadian people...

Many cases of “dementia” are actually side effects of prescription drugs or vaccines, according...

You have more control over “dementia” than you’re being led to believe

Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs...

Antidepressants and antipsychotics put forth some surprising figures, but the biggest category of psychotic drugs given to children appears to be anti-anxiety drugs. Just over 227,132 babies under one and nearly 248,000 of those aged four to five take these medications

Shocking New Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

No matter how much doctors push the treatment, chemotherapy might not be the best option in the fight against cancer, as a new study shows up to 50 percent of patients are killed by the drugs — not the disease, itself

The truth about why Cannabis is illegal (Video)

The shocking truth about why Cannabis is illegal!

Reality Check: Jeff Sessions’ War on Cannabis – Ben Swann (Video)

Ben Swann takes on Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions' War on Cannabis. Is Sessions' push to recreate the drug war of the 1980's actually going to have a reverse effect and cause even more legalization?

Groups react to pot regulation plans ahead of legalization in BC

by MARCELLA BERNARDO AND HANA MAE NASSAR Posted Feb 5, 2018 VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As the provincial government lays out its plans for pot regulation come legalization this...

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu...

Another flu death of an otherwise healthy person after receiving the flu vaccine has been reported in Wisconsin. WISN in Wisconsin is reporting that 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion has died from flu complications, after she received the flu shot.