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How About A Game Of Chess, Next Move CHECKMATE, The People Will Soon Know...

Trump and the patriots have put everything into motion. The plan has been going on behind the scenes and Trump is now waiting for...

Kristen Meghan reveals the BIG MASK LIE being pushed by Fauci and Media

NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty (food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc.)

Calgary doctor posts sign in clinic suggesting COVID-19 is ‘similar’ to the flu

A Calgary doctor is defending a message he posted outside his southeast Calgary medical clinic that suggests COVID-19 is 'similar' to the flu in the number of people it harms and kills

The Church of the Holy State – Worship Service! The Corbett Report

The very Reverend Statist Jim Corbett leads the Church of the Holy State (Acapulco congregation) in a Worship Service. In today’s sermon, he exposes the greatest heresy of all: Statheism.

We Are Now Watching The Economic Boomerang – The Economy Is Pushing Forward –...

https://youtu.be/Q5qzm1A3Lf4 Report date: 09.01.2020 The //MSM push to bring down the economy has boomeranged on them. Instead of destroying the economy they have now destroyed their...

Warning – Do Not Take the C0VID V@ccine

The v@ccine is a first of its kind, RNA v@ccine.

Here It Comes, Trump Just Kicked It Off, Tax Holiday? – Message Received, Something...

Message Received, Something Big Is About To Drop, The Enemy Is Being Exposed

Women of Weed World: Corrie Yelland, Cannabis Advocate – By Sharon Letts

by Sharon Letts March 6, 2020 ‘I had resigned myself to a life sentence of pain and agony, and never in my wildes dreams did I...

The Future of Canada – United vs. Separated – Part 3 of 5


TOO MUCH WEED: Government has over 30 times more marijuana than it’s able to...

Canada has a marijuana problem, but it’s not the one you might think