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Vaccine researchers are preparing for Disease X

They hope to be able to create new vaccines in just four months January 18, 2019 Last year the World Health Organisation published a plan to accelerate...

Flu shot lands man in hospital, unable to speak, walk, see or even BREATHE

A Las Vegas man lost his vision, became partially paralyzed and has been unable to breathe without assistance since getting a flu shot last month

Medical marijuana goes mainstream as seniors look to relieve chronic pain

It is no surprise then that the popularity of cannabis among seniors has been — and continues to be — on the rise

President Trump Signs Farm Bill that Legalizes Hemp

Hemp has very low THC content, the mind-altering chemical but is used to make textiles, foods, fabrics, cosmetics, agriculture products, plastics, and more

‘Horrifying’ marijuana sales in British Columbia a wake-up call for regulators

By Matt Lamers October 26, 2018 British Columbia’s dismal cannabis sales in the opening hours of legalization should be seen by provincial and federal regulators as a...

Robert David Steele & Dustin Nemos with lots of ‘gold’ nuggets!

Robert David Steele was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017

Mike Smyth: B.C.’s pot minister promises the best bud

B.C.'s online pot shop will offer 117 different strains and varieties of legal weed, cannabis minister reveals

Tough Questions to Ask White Rock Candidates, with Sheryl McCumsey

Why is White Rock Unwilling to Test Water for Pesticides?

Shingles Vaccine Has Been Reported to Cause Shingles Virus

Many of us have vivid memories of our childhood encounter with chickenpox. The constant itching, fever, and fatigue left us pouting in our beds when we’d rather have been outside playing with our friends

World Mercury Project video BANNED by Facebook now available at REAL.video – see “Epidemic...

RFK, Jr. says that while it’s not rational to blame vaccines for every disease, “we ought to be doing the science” to find out the true impact of vaccines on causing degenerative disease in children
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