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Heart Surgeon Speaks Out About the True Cause of Heart Disease

610,000. This is the average number of people in the United States who die from heart disease every year

Marijuana Compound Removes Toxic Alzheimer’s Protein from the Brain

Scientists have new evidence that suggests that THC inhibits the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that produces them. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's are caused by the poor formation of those proteins in the brain

How will the Monsanto-Bayer merger affect the expanding medical marijuana industry?

There are many reasons to be concerned about the Bayer-Monsanto merger, one of the most dangerous business deals in history

The truth about why Cannabis is illegal (Video)

The shocking truth about why Cannabis is illegal!

Italy: Doctors Who Found Metals and Nanoparticles in Vaccines Had Lab Raided by Police

https://youtu.be/Bvtz3iNTx60   April 24, 2018 Police raided the laboratory of Dr. Gatti and Dr. Montanari, a married couple who are devoted to studying diseases, including cancer, heart...

A match made in Hell: Monsanto-Bayer merger gets the green light… farmers are worried,...

As hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto for personal injury and wrongful death move forward, German pharmaceutical company Bayer has been given the green light to acquire Monsanto in a deal surpassing $60 billion

Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener

Diet soda as concerns about health epidemics plague the nation, demand and sales have plunged as consumers try to make better choices. Aspartame is most dangerous sweetener used in our food supply, causing seizures and a host of other health issues

Study Proves Cannabis Is a Viable Crohn’s Disease Treatment

The root causes of Crohn’s disease are still debated. While there are many treatments available for the disease, scientists are now hoping that cannabis can be used as yet another viable option for patients

Mitch McConnell Announces Bill to Legalize Hemp Nationwide

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced he will introduce a new bill on Monday that would legalize hemp, a non-psychoactive relative of marijuana, as an agricultural product

Turmeric and omega 3s can cure diabetes – but you’ll never hear that from...

Have you ever wondered why diseases like diabetes remain so difficult to treat despite all the incredible advances seen in modern medicine? It’s a common question, but you’ve already missed the point just by asking it