Boris Johnson Wins Race To Become UK Prime Minister – Deep State Panics! Video Added!


by Spencer Fernando

July 23, 2019

Pro-Brexit Johnson crushes establishment candidate Jeremy Hunt to win leadership of Conservative Party and will soon become PM.

Boris Johnson, the eccentric pro-Brexit Conservative who was instrumental in helping the UK secure their independence from the European Union, has won the race to become Leader of the UK Conservative Party.

“Thank you all for the incredible honour you have done me. The time for campaigning is over and the time for work begins to unite our country and party, deliver Brexit and defeat Corbyn. I will work flat out to repay your confidence.”

Johnson crushed Jeremy Hunt, who was the establishment choice, pulling in 92,153 votes to Hunt’s 46,656.

Johnson now becomes leader of the Conservatives, and will thus become UK PM tomorrow when Theresa May officially steps aside

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Sign The Petition To BAN HUAWEI From Canada’s 5G Networks


by Spencer Fernando 

July 23, 2019

“For the security of Canadians, Huawei should be banned from our 5G networks,” says former head of CSIS.

A petition created by David Morrish is calling for the Federal government to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G Telecom Networks.

The petition has already been signed by over 57,000 people, and the more signatures it gets the more of a clear message will be sent that Canadians want Huawei banned.

Here’s the text of the petition:

“Fellow Canadian Citizens,

I am calling on all you of you to sign this petition to have Huawei removed from Canada’s critical infrastructure. This includes banning Huawei from participating and or building Canada’s 5G Networks and all STEM fields and or industries.

Almost all of our allies have banned or removed Huawei from their critical infrastructure and it’s time we do the same!

FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats have all publically stated several times that Huawei is using its technology to spy on companies with the objective of stealing its intellectual property.

Huawei is not an ethical player in the market place!

In Canada, several prominent individuals such as former CSIS Director Richard Fadden have stated similar concerns. Mr. Fadden also wrote an Opinion piece in the Globe and Mail dated January 21, 2019.

“For the security of Canadians, Huawei should be banned from our 5G networks” Quote from Richard Fadden!

Richard Fadden Opinion Piece

Huawei allegedly built the company from stolen Nortel Intellectual Property. The Chinese government clearly does not respect our laws or country! The Chinese government under its law has frequently directed Chinese Corporations to participate in espionage.

Ban Huawei Now! They are targeting our intellectual property and stealing years of hard work with the goal of selling it back to us at a lower cost!

Every year thousands of large corporations spend large sums of money protecting their Intelectual Property. If Huawei is permitted to participate and build infrastructure on our telecommunications networks that will place all of us at a serious disadvantage and render our defenses mostly useless.”

I have signed the petition, and I highly encourage you to do the same. We must do everything we can to spread the word, protect Canada’s National Security, and ensure Huawei is banned.


Spencer Fernando

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The Hidden Story of the Trump Family Rabbi


“Train a lad in the way he ought to go; He will not swerve from it even in old age.” Proverbs 22:6 (The Israel Bible™)

Rabbi Wagner and Fred Trump (courtesy: Wikicommons)

A remarkable tale of a half-century-long friendship may be the basis for the current warm relations

The background

The story began in the 1950’s when Malka Weisberg’s parents, both Holocaust survivors, immigrated to America from Poland. Her father,  Rabbi Israel Wagner, got a job as the rabbi of Beach Haven, a newly established community in Brooklyn. Many of the people in the community were Holocaust survivors while others had witnessed the horrors of WWII while serving in the U.S. Army.

The community was praying in a temporary space, an underground garage in one of the development’s buildings. The rabbi decided to meet with the owner of the properties. Starting out building houses during the depression, Beach Haven was the second large development venture for Fred Trump, the father of the young man who grew up to be the current president.

A friendship made in heaven

The Lutheran land developer and the Polish rabbi quickly became friends at their first meeting.

“Basically, they became very close friends for the next 49 years,” Weisberg told Breaking Israel News. “Mr. Trump agreed to donate the land if the community built a synagogue on it.”

Their friendship seemed incongruous since their meeting came less than six years after the end of WWII and the Holocaust. Both of Fred Trump’s parents were German and the ovens of the concentration camps were still warm.

Mr. Trump was different

“My parents went through the Holocaust and knew that Fred was German,” Weisberg said. “They certainly knew what Germany did and would never forget it. But when they saw Fred, they saw a good man. And they appreciated that.”

The friendship continued, growing with time.

A blossoming relationship

“The Trump offices were in Beach Haven and Mr. Trump would frequently stop in to talk to my father. They definitely discussed their pasts,” Weisberg said. “They spoke about family, a subject that was very important to both of them. They also discussed theology and religion.”

Trump’s largesse towards the Jewish community was partly charitable and partly self-interest.

Recognizing good

“He wanted to build the community and to increase its value,” Weisberg explained. “Mr. Trump was impressed by the idea of a Jewish community, families, a place of worship. He liked my father very much, and my father liked him. Their friendship was based on Mr. Trump’s personal understanding that what my father was doing was a good thing. He also felt it was a good business investment, that a nice community would attract businesses and raise the property value.”

The original Green Deal

Weisberg explained that this was behind many of Trump’s decisions. He invested in planting grassy areas. He also provided free transportation to the nearby beaches.

“But I definitely think a big motive behind his actions was in the verse about blessing Israel,” Weisberg said unequivocally.

I will bless those who bless you And curse him that curses you; And all the families of the earth Shall bless themselves by you.” Genesis 12:3

From loose change collector to millionaire president

“He was a very smart businessman and a very nice man,” Weisberg said. This gave the President his start in business. A young Donald Trump was frequently seen at the apartment complexes, collecting the quarters from the laundry machines, a project that was his grandmother’s domain.

Trump’s connection with the Jewish community continued after the initial investment.

“Whenever my father had a congregant who was down and out, he turned to Mr. Trump and he always helped,” “He was a very nice man and very family oriented. He was invited to the weddings of me and my siblings.

The wife

He attended the yearly fundraising dinners held by the synagogue, bringing his entire family.  Malka, very young at the time, would say the Hebrew blessing over a large ceremonial challah (braided bread) presented at the beginning of the meal. Weisberg related how Mrs. Trump, a Sottish-born Presbyterian was so impressed that she kissed her forehead.

“She was a very nice woman and they were a very close family. Donald Trump was very very close with his family and it was clear he would go into the family business,” Weisberg said. “He learned the business from his father but it really took off under him.”

Importance of Israel

“The president learned from his father to be a real ohev yisrael (lover of Israel). His father certainly was. This is something I think should be known and the president deserves credit for the good he does for Israel. Until now, his track record seems to clearly show that the president is an ohev yisrael, the same as his father.”

The source

It is well-known that Donald Trump has been a long-time friend of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Though this is clearly a manifestation of the strong political alliance between the two countries, it has its roots in the president’s family. Fred Trump, the president’s father, became friends with Netanyahu while he was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations in Manhattan.

The friendship lasted until Fred passed away in 1999. Rabbi Wagner and his wife attended the wake. Weisberg related how Donald Trump approached her mother, grateful that she was at the funeral.

A revelation

“Rebbetzin, you should know that your husband was not only a good friend of my father, but he was also my father’s rabbi,” Trump told Weisberg’s mother.

Weisberg now lives in Israel and then young man she once knew is now considered by many to be the most pro-Israel president in U.S. history.

“I believe a lot of what the president does today with the Jewish people and Israel comes from how he grew up, watching his father interact with the Jewish community,” Weisberg said. “This came from the warm relationship between Fred Trump and my father.”

For Being Such an Idiot, Trump is Pretty Smart

July 22, 2019

We have been hearing now for four years, ever since that escalator ride at Trump Tower, how then-candidate, now-President Trump is such an idiot. The media, Democrats, and NeverTrumpers, virtually in lockstep assured us that Trump would never be the Republican nominee. When he was, they doubled down promising that he would never be president. Every so-called opinion poll confirmed their predictions.

So who turned out to be smart, winning the White House, and who turned out to be a bunch of buffoons? Yet they still couldn’t admit that they were wrong, predicting that Trump would be impeached or that he would resign from office under intense pressure from critics and scandal. From Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti to Robert Mueller to Megan Rapinoe, each one was portrayed as the dragon-slayer ready to bring down Trump.

All have come and gone like the seasons, bringing down nothing but their reputations and what little integrity they might have possessed. Yet Trump haters won’t give up. Trump is still too stupid and incompetent to be president, they tell us. He is an embarrassment to the country and the world.

Yet on Friday, July 19, Trump sits at 49 percent total approval in the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, four points higher than his predecessor, Mr. Perfect, exactly eight years ago. These approval numbers are despite what many have described as a bad week for the president with his “unforced error” of going after the four lovely patriots of the “Jihad Squad” and telling them that if America is so bad, they are welcome to “go back” to somewhere, anywhere, that is more to their liking.

Screen grab fromYouTube

Brit Hume, godfather of the Republican D.C. establishment, not a NeverTrumper, but more of a SometimesTrumper, said Trump’s tweets were “politically stupid.” When Rush Limbaugh and others suggested that Trump’s tweets were strategic and calculated rather than stupid, Hume dismissed this immediately: “I think that’s too smart by half, too clever by half, Trump couldn’t put something like this together, are you kidding me?”

Of course, Trump couldn’t put something like this together. He isn’t clever enough. Yet he was smart enough to defeat 17 competent and experienced contenders for the Republican nomination in 2016 despite having never run for political office. And he is still president after two and a half years of nonstop negative media coverage and criticism from Democrats and many Republicans.

Reuters reluctantly reported: “Republican support for Trump rises after racially charged tweets.” Jake Tapper, liberal CNN mouthpiece, had to acknowledge, “Dem sources admit Trump’s ‘brilliant’ move to make stars of AOC, Omar.”

So, which is it? Did Trump stupidly make a racist, sexist, xenophobic, nativist, white-supremacist tweet as the media and NeverTrumpers claim? Or did he just make the Jihad Squad the new face of the Democratic Party?

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Image credit:YouTube screen shot

Brian C. Joondeph, MD, is a Denver-based physician and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedInTwitter, and QuodVerum.

Longtime Conservative Party member Salim Mansur to run as PPC candidate | David Menzies


Published on 22 Jul 2019


David Menzies of reports: Snubbed by the Conservative Party of Canada, Dr. Salim Mansur is now a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada.



Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book



by Nick Bryant

July 21, 2019

Donald Trump, Courtney Love, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and uber-lawyer Alan Dershowitz may have been identified by a butler as potential “material witnesses” to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes against young girls, according to a copy of Epstein’s little black book obtained by Gawker.

An annotated copy of the address book, which also contains entries for Alec Baldwin, Ralph Fiennes, Griffin Dunne, New York Post gossip Richard Johnson, Ted Kennedy, David Koch, filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, and all manner of other people you might expect a billionaire to know, turned up in court proceedings after Epstein’s former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez tried to sell it in 2009. About 50 of the entries, including those of many of Epstein’s suspected victims and accomplices as well as Trump, Love, Barak, Dershowitz, and others, were circled by Rodriguez. (The existence of the book has been previously reported by the Daily Mail. Gawker is publishing it in full here for the first time; we have redacted addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and the last names of individuals who may have been underage victims.)

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Reporters Without Borders skeptical but hopeful about media freedom commitment


by Andrew Lawton

True North

July 21, 2019

At the Global Conference for Media Freedom, True North’s Andrew Lawton caught up with Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders to discuss the British and Canadian governments’ purported commitment to free speech, and also the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.

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Epstein Stories You Won’t Find in the News


Published on 8 Jul 2019

I go over some of the lesser known connections & history of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. I’m hoping that there are more arrests to come after his! Many powerful people are at risk if he talks. more…




The 1st Garrison Files Release on the JFK Assassination!


The Garrison Files Release Page

The files are now being released in videos on my YouTube channel in The Garrison Files playlist . Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure notifications are turned on to get alerts when we post new videos. The files released in the videos will be available for download on this page which you can bookmark.

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The Speech That ROCKED Canada!


Published on 18 Sep 2018

Maxime Bernier’s full speech complete and unabridged with captions. The most dangerous man in Canada. “Mad Max” Bernier, Founder of the People’s Party of Canada., the man who has promised to defeat two reigning, establishment political parties, and the only man just bold enough to do it. Is this crazy Frenchman Canada’s answer to Donald Trump?
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