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Are the Greens and NDP almost irrelevant in Federal Election?
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BREAKING: Justin Trudeau Wore Racist Blackface In Event At Elitist Private School


by Spencer Fernando

September 18, 2019

Stunning Racism from Justin Trudeau.

In a shocking revelation obtained by Time, Justin Trudeau can be seen wearing blackface, a shockingly racist action by the Liberal Leader.

This is brutally and shockingly devastating for the Liberals, and the party has confirmed that it is Trudeau in the photo.

You can view the photo below:


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100 years of climate data DELETED from Canadian policy report, including historic high and low


by Sheila Gunn Reid

Rebel Media

September 18, 2019

Catherine McKenna’s Climate Change Ministry is ignoring a century’s worth of weather data that doesn’t fit with the Liberals’ pro-carbon tax, fear-mongering agenda, according to a new exclusive report by Blacklock’s Reporter.

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Andrew Scheer pandering to known islamists while he disqualifies Salim Mansur


***Bombshell*** Political Entryism Rise of the Islamist



Corey’s Digs – Dissecting Criminal Nests & Webs


Courtesy of Corey’s Digs

This 21-minute video explores both criminal Nests and Webs that exist throughout the U.S. and beyond, and how to dissect them. What we have been witnessing are mass-scale takedowns of big child trafficking rings, local nests, and large networks. From internet trafficking on Backpage to cults like NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein’s networks to Hollywood pedophiles being exposed, this is not slowing down anytime soon. As the weeks pass, more and more individuals will be brought to justice, and more stomachs will churn. Despite how difficult this all is, it is important to bring all of this to light in order to start anew. This is going to take some time. Be strong and be brave.

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This 21-minute Video Includes:

Hunting The Hunters 2-Part Series on Digging into Nests and Webs

ResourcesTools and Background Checks

Example Nests & Webs from Investigative Reports:

Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch Insulated?

Jeffrey Epstein’s St. Thomas Network, Comms & An Elite School

Church Pedophiles & Child Sex Trafficking Nests Intersect by The Thousands

Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

BOMBSHELL: Global geoengineering (chemtrails) experiment pushed by Bill Gates also funded by Nazi-linked Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, linked to eugenics and depopulation



September 17, 2019

The mainstream media is now openly pushing geoengineering and chemtrails as a solution for so-called “global warming,” which is of course a complete hoax to begin with. Globalist propaganda network CNBC has just released a new video (through the link a bottom) which is a blatant infomercial for chemtrails, touting the benefits of polluting the skies with calcium carbonate and sulfur dioxide, two pollutants that would devastate life on Earth. Matt Agorist from The Free Thought Project published an informative write-up.

The project is called SCoPEx, and it’s being masterminded by the who’s who of eugenicists and depopulation pushers at the highest levels of world government and academia. It’s funded and endorsed by Bill Gates, for example, who openly calls for reducing the human population by billions. We’ve covered this extensively on Natural News, warning how Bill Gates is funding a plan to carry out planetary genocide.

As I explain in videos at, this SCoPEx project would pollute the skies across the entire planet, dim the sun, impair photosynthesis and lead to a collapse of the global biosphere. This, of course, would lead to mass starvation around the world as food crops fail and famine sets in. This is the goal of the project, by the way, not an unintended side effect.

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Father convicted of “family violence” for misgendering his daughter – Join PPC candidate for Delta, Angelina Ireland tonight at 7 O’Clock ‘Live’


Our friend and Peoples Party candidate in the riding of Delta, British Columbia, Angelina Ireland will hit the airwaves tonight on the youtube link below. It all gets underway at 7 PM Tonight….

Message from Angelina…

I will be on “Freedom Free For All” tonight at 7:00pm PST Live!

We are talking Parental Rights in Canada and what happened with the case of the father convicted of “family violence” for misgendering his daughter. I have been involved in the case from the beginning!

Here is the link to the show below which starts at 7 PM tonight.

 Video Starts 3 and a half minutes in …

See you then!

Angelina Ireland

PPC Delta Candidate

BREAKING: Maxime Bernier Invited To Participate In Official Leaders Debates


by Spencer Fernando

September 16, 2019

Debates Commissioner says Bernier meets the factors for inclusion in the debate.

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has been invited to participate in the Federal Leaders debate.

There will be an English language debate on October 7th, and a French language debate on October 10th.

It originally appeared Bernier would be excluded from the debates, but the Debates Commissioner has conducted “further evaluation” and determined that Bernier and the People’s Party meet the requirements for inclusion in the debate.

Here’s what the commissioner said:

“With the benefit of more recent information,  I am of the view that the PPC has attracted a significant number of party members, has established a notable presence in the media and on the political landscape and, based on recent polling data, has achieved a reasonable chance of success in more than one riding,” says Johnston. “All of these factors together enable the PPC to satisfy two of the criteria established in our Order in Council.”

You can read the full decision here.

Spencer Fernando

Leaders’ Debates Commission invites leader of the People’s Party of Canada to join debates on October 7, 10



Cowardly Trudeau Skips Debates, Hides From Journalists Questions


by Spencer Fernando

September 16, 2019

What is Trudeau so afraid of?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals appear desperate to hide from scrutiny.

Not only is Trudeau skipping debates – having already skipped the first leaders debate of the campaign, he’s been avoiding questions from the media.

And now, some journalists are calling him out for it:

“This is a ridiculous response. Trudeau has a bus full of journalists literally following his campaign. He should take questions every day.”

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Flynn, RFK Jr BOMBSHELL on Dads Murder, GUNGRABBING DEMS & More – Dustin Nemos


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