EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon



May 4, 2021

(Natural News) The vaccine is the bioweapon. Specifically, the spike protein is the bioactive weapon, and it is designed to spread from person to person, being transmissible from the vaccinated in order to infect the unvaccinated.

Never forget that Bill Gates has long wanted to use mosquitoes to carry vaccines so that people could be vaccinated against their own wishes (and completely without informed consent). Now, it turns out, they don’t need mosquitoes. They have high-obedience humans ready to carry out the same role.

People who are injected with the mRNA vaccine are having their bodies turned into bioweapons factories, churning out spike protein particles which they shed through their mouths and skin (and semen, by the way), infecting everyone around them. The spike protein is biologically active and causes blood clots, leading to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism and infertility effects. Pfizer’s own documents reveal this phenomenon to be well known by vaccine developers.

What is now becoming obvious is that today’s vaccines were deliberately designed to function as self-replicating vaccines, to spread the spike protein bioweapons to those who refuse to be vaccinated. As the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists wrote last year, “Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong?

This explains all the bizarre blood clotting effects now being experienced in unvaccinated people who are in close proximity to vaccinated people. We will be reporting much more on this in the days ahead.

Globalists have unleashed the “final solution” self-replicating vaccine and intend to end humanity once and for all

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The Code Has Been Broken, Census Reveals Election Anomalies, Tick Tock


The patriots are moving forward with the audit. The [DS]/corrupt politicians are being exposed, the people are waking up quickly. The politicians are being booed. The election fraud will be exposed, the codes on the computer systems are being broken and the census data does not match what happened in the 2020 election. It’s only a matter of time, tick tock .

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Remove White Males From Canadian Currency Says White Male Politician, by Brad Saltzberg


Canadian self-loathing began with multiculturalism being unilaterally forced upon society by ex- Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1971.


by Brad Saltzberg

May 4, 2021

1-2-3 Canadians, we hate thee.”  Citizens of Canada old enough to recall the swinging 60’s may recognize this play-on-words.

The Centennial Song is the theme from Expo 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, The original lyric read “1-2-3 Canadians– we love thee. It appears that the times they are a’changin.

What is in vogue in 2021 is light years away from the self-pride Canada once maintained. The catalyst for the transition is ex-PM Pierre Trudeau.  It was this man who of his own volition  transferred our nation from bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity to something he called “multiculturalism.”

Thus, the era of national self-loathing was born– the ramifications of which have turned Canada inside-out. Not that mainstream media noticed the phenomenon–as curious as this is.

Within contemporary Canada, we have a prime minister who loathes our historical identity:

“There are many institutions that we have in this country, including that big building right across the street from us, Parliament, that has and is built around a system of colonialism, or discrimination or systemic racism.”

It makes sense that if the highest man in the land can grind Canada to a pulp, so can any political figure. Such it is that Toronto City Councillor Paul Ainslie has followed suit.

Councillor Ainslie is just so “post-modern”– a white male Canadian who has a problem with white Canadian males. He is pushing to erase a piece of history which currently feature Anglophone Canadians. He is far from alone. Since the days of Pierre Trudeau’s prototype globalist politics, our country has progressively deviated from its natural condition.

“In the pursuit to better reflect a more heterogeneous and inclusive society this Motion speaks to our currency being overrepresented by politicians, most of whom are white and male, under-representing persons who have contributed to other fields of great importance to our society,” writes Councillor Paul Ainslie.

Regardless of political affiliation, all Canadians should be able to recognize that a condition of self-loathing is anything but a natural social development.

Iran doesn’t do it. Nor Pakistan, China, India, Nigeria, or any other leading source nations for immigration to Canada. In fact, next to no country on earth indulges in the fine art of self-flagellation.

But Canada does–and there must be a reason why. Turning to a domestic perspective, do we find the various communities within our pluralist demographic mimicking this practice?

Black Canadians, Sikh Canadians, Muslim or Chinese? Not at all. The opposite is true– these communities are revelling in self-pride. So why is it that Anglophone Canadians are unique in the self-hating category? Whatever the reason, it is an unnatural state-of-affairs.

Meaning that it must be manufactured. But why? Here is Cultural Action Party’s theory:

In order to best facilitate Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship, the directive will best proceed if “Old Stock” Canadians lack community dignity and self-respect.

Therefore, government and media work hard to propagandize society into a state of self-loathing. We are racists, bigots, homophobes and xenophobes. We do not deserve to own or control the country in which we live.

READ MORE: Pandemic Drives American Media To Deliver What Canadian Media Refuse To Expose


Some buy this, and some don’t. Justin Trudeau doesn’t buy it as much as he leads the entire procession.

Councillor Paul Ainslee of Toronto–he buys it.  Do we see Toronto City CouncillorKristen Wong-Tam running down Chinese-Canadians?  How about Councillor Cynthia Lai? Of course not. They are not self-loathers like Paul Ainslie.

And now, for the bad news. Millions of Canadians–as well as politicians– will likely agree with Councillor Ainslie. Thus it shall be that another piece of  history is tossed in the trash bin.

A borderline-surreal social phenomenon this is–one which is arguably unique within the nations of the world. Media say nothing of the sort as Anglophone-Canadians are railroaded into second class status–often through the will of Canadian Anglophones themselves.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

Election Fraud Will Be Known As The “Big Lie”, We Caught Them All, We Have It All


The people around the country are waking up and they are pushing back against the [DS] agenda. More and more will rise up because they hear the calling. The [DS] is pushing everything they have to stop the audit, they have planes flying overhead, they have carnivals setting up next to the audit they have people sneaking in, nothing will stop this. Trump issues a statement that election fraud will be the biggest lie ever told. The patriots are now on the offensive, pushing the [DS] to expose it all and when they do its game over.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.



Why The Conservative Party Will NEVER AGAIN Form A Government In Canada, by Brad Saltzberg


One day in the future, federal elections will be rendered futile. CAP explain the process as the Great Reset agenda rolls out over the coming decades.


by Brad Saltzberg

May 3, 2021

Since Justin Trudeau became prime minister of in 2015,  democracy in Canada has been eaten away at like a beaver chews on a log.

Canadian governance has since become a tag-team event—government takes the lead, while establishment media dance around Trudeau transgressions to lock him in as national leader.

No matter how outrageous his transgressions, PM Trudeau remains the leader in the polls– even after botching the Covid vaccine roll-out. Here’s a nifty example:

April 28th, 2021:Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reassured Canadians that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

April 28th, 2021: “Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed the country’s first COVID-19 vaccine-related death — a 54-year-old Quebec woman who died from blood clot complications after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Degree to which establishment media referenced this example of Trudeau’s foot-in-mouth disease? Try no reference at all. Nor have CBC and corporate media alluded to what Cultural Action Party consider a truism within Canadian society:

The Conservative Party of Canada will never again form a federal government. Curious it is that no matter the degree and quantity of Trudeau screw-ups, the man perpetually leads in the polls.

“If an election were held today, Trudeau’s Liberals would form a majority government,” is the line from pollster types such as Angus Reid. CAP have a different angle of the affair. It is true that the Liberal Party will not lose any upcoming election. It is also true that the Conservative Party will not win a future election–ever again.

It is here we get to the crux of the issue. No matter who becomes party leader, the CPC will lose the next federal election. And the one after that, and the one after that.

Media intimate nothing of the sort. Nor do they allude to the idea that immigration intake will ensure this remains the case. After all, Justin Trudeau is not only importing the largest number of immigrants in history–he is importing the highest volume of Liberal voters in history.

As each year passes, the Liberals will continue to chew away at Conservative-held ridings. Thus, over time, the Liberal Party capture more and more seats in Parliament. Even in 2021, this pre-meditated election plan will secure a victory for Team Trudeau.

On this basis, what shall be the case in the year 2031? How about 2038? One thing we know for sure–whatever the impact– CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and National Post will not write about. Mainstream media never project into the future– that’s a post-modern rule in Great Reset Canada.

If media were to utilize a political crystal ball–and do so in an honest manner– their future messaging could read something like this:

In 2028, the Liberals capture 68% of 338 seats in Parliament. In 2033, 78%. In 2038,88%. Keep on rolling, and what do you have?

READ MORE: The Trudeau-Virus Will Transition Canada Into A Communist Nation


How about the idea that federal elections have thereby been rendered futile? You tell CAP– how much funding will the Conservatives or any other party be receiving on this basis? If party supporters understand well and good that the Liberals have a monopoly on Parliament, holding 98% of all seats, what then is the purpose of elections?

Let us back track to the year 2021. Could this be the plan of government at present? One thing which must be admitted is that whoever schemes up Liberal policy is a damn genius.

Therefore, we know it isn’t Justin Trudeau. Little chance is there that the drivers are even Canadian. Judging by the schema, it must be from borders beyond–United Nations, China, global banking, WHO, and other international entities.

So elections are one day an exercise in futility, Why then go through the motions? What a colossal waste of time. Bingo–there you have it–the end of democracy in Canada.

To attest to the schematic brilliance of this communist-derived directive,  CAP also predict something quite incredible will transpire:

The citizens of Canada are going to agree to the instillation of a one party state. The Great Reset schemers want no messy rebellions, riots or public protests. They will therefore over the decades massage the people of Canada into believing a dictatorship is best. The way to do this is to create economic collapse— followed by the proclamation that the only way to rectify the situation is a transfer to a communist-styled society.

In 2021, the ball is  rolling. It began the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister. The first step is to rid our nation of all political competition–beginning with the Conservative Party of Canada.

Never again will they form a federal government–and neither will any other existing or upcoming political party. So let it be written, so let it be done.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)


Germany busts darknet child porn ‘Boystown’ site with 400,000 registered users



The Associated Press

CTV News

May 3, 2021

BERLIN — German prosecutors announced Monday they have busted one of the world’s biggest international darknet platforms for child pornography, used by more than 400,000 registered members.

Frankfurt prosecutors said in a statement together with the Federal Criminal Police Office that in mid-April three German suspects, said to be the administrators of the “Boystown” platform, were arrested along with a German user. One of the three main suspects was arrested in Paraguay.

They also searched seven buildings in connection with the porn ring in mid-April in Germany.

The authorities said the platform was “one of the world’s biggest child pornography darknet platforms” and had been active at least since 2019. Pedophiles used it to exchange and watch pornography of children and toddlers, most of them boys, from all over the world.

Prosecutors wrote that they found “images of most severe sexual abuse of toddlers” among the photos and video material.

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COVID: Vaccinated people shedding and spreading genetic disaster to unvaccinated women? by Jon Rappoport


by Jon Rappoport

No More Fake News

May 3, 2021

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MANY women are posting reports of disrupted and unusual menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, and miscarriages.

What’s more, some of these women haven’t received the COVID vaccine, but they’ve been in close contact with others who have been vaccinated—leading to the question:

Can the COVID vaccine (which is actually an experimental genetic treatment) “shed” something harmful that can be passed from person to person?

Perhaps that sounds impossible, but in the world of genetics, much can go wrong.

In fact, for the past 25 years, we’ve had an illustration of shedding right in front of our eyes: GMO crops.

If you recall, Monsanto assured one and all that these crops—genetically engineered to survive the sprayed herbicide Roundup—would flourish, while weeds would succumb to the chemical.

So what actually happened? The weeds were resistant and became super-giants. And the Monsanto genes drifted from farm to farm, contaminating crops that were never meant to be engineered.

The Monsanto genes were “shed” and they spread.

This spread was not only the result of obvious cross-pollination. Bacteria in the soil, and in human digestive systems, also picked up and incorporated the Monsanto genes.

Why couldn’t “shed and spread” occur with a genetic COVID vaccine?

The COVID injection contains a piece of RNA. The RNA nanoparticles enter human cells, forcing those cells to manufacture a protein similar to a protein in the purported SARS-CoV-2 virus. The immune system mounts a neutralizing attack against that protein, thus “rehearsing” to defeat the virus if it comes along later.

That’s the hypothesis.

In practice, who knows how many different dangerous and harmful processes can be detonated in the human body—plus the drifting of those genetic effects from person to person, whether vaccinated or not.

Yes, I know the experts will point out the difference between inserting genes into crops and inserting them into humans. They’ll say the GMO crops are supposed to hold on to those new genes long-term, but the COVID injection only has short-lived genetic effects.

Supposedly, this is true. Supposedly.

The universe of genetic experimentation, however, is rife with problems, mistakes, unintended consequences, as well as efforts to make weapons that attack life at basic levels.

Consider, for example, gene drive technology, which asks the question: what species should we make extinct today?

Why are Bill Gates and the US military involved in forwarding that technology?

A gene-drive scientist says, “I have a plan. By manipulating genes, we can make invasive rodents extinct, on an island where humans are living.”

In the next fraction of a second, a flurry of questions pops up.

The overarching question is: Does this mean genetic manipulation can make ANY species extinct?

Here is a passage from Gene Drive Files, a vital site with an enormous amount of referenced information on the subject:

“Gene drives are a gene-editing application that allows genetic engineers to drive a single artificial trait through an entire population by ensuring that all of an organism’s offspring carry that trait. For example, recent experiments are fitting mice with ‘daughterless’ gene drives that will cascade through mouse populations so that only male pups are born, ensuring that the population becomes extinct after a few generations.”

“Proponents have framed gene drives as a breakthrough tool for eradicating pests or invasive species. However, the Gene Drive Files reveal that these ‘conservation’ efforts are primarily supported by military funds.”

Gene drive technology could be deployed to wipe out troublesome plant-parasites, weeds, crops, animal pests, animals, and…humans. Mull that over with your morning coffee.

Several years ago, certain UN member nations were considering a recommendation to call a moratorium on the use of gene drives. However, Bill Gates showed up to try to squash the moratorium.

The Gene Drive Files reports: “Documents received under Freedom of Information requests reveal that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid a private agriculture and biotechnology PR firm $1.6 million for activities on Gene Drives. This included running a covert ‘advocacy coalition’ which appears to have intended to skew the only UN expert process addressing gene drives…”

“Following global calls in December 2016 from Southern countries and over 170 organizations for a UN moratorium on gene drives, emails to gene drive advocates received under a Freedom of Information request by Prickly Research reveal that a private public affairs firm ‘Emerging Ag’ received funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to co-ordinate the ‘fight back against gene drive moratorium proponents’.”

There’s more from the Gene Drive Files. It involves the military:

“A trove of emails (The Gene Drive Files) from leading U.S. gene drive researchers reveals that the U.S. Military is taking the lead in driving forward gene drive development.”

“Emails obtained through a freedom of Information request by U.S.–based Prickly Research reveal that the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has given approximately $100 million for gene drive research, $35 million more than previously reported, making them likely the largest single funder of gene drive research on the planet. The emails also reveal that DARPA either funds or co-ordinates with almost all major players working on gene drive development as well as the key holders of patents on CRISPR gene editing technology.”

“These funds go beyond the US; DARPA is now also directly funding gene drive researchers in Australia (including monies given to an Australian government agency, CSIRO) and researchers in the UK. The files also reveal an extremely high level of interest and activity by other sections of the U.S. military and Intelligence community.”

As I’ve shown in past articles, the latest and greatest gene-editing tools (e.g., CRISPR), which are used for gene drives, are far from slam-dunk precise, despite official assurances.

For example, Nature Communications, May 31, 2017, “CRISPR/Cas9 targeting events cause complex deletions and insertions at 17 sites in the mouse genome.” That’s UNINTENDED genetic “deletions and insertions.”

And how about this study? It was published in Genome Biology on June 14, 2017, and is titled, “CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing induces exon skipping by alternative splicing or exon deletion.” An exon is “a segment of a DNA or RNA molecule containing information coding for a protein or peptide sequence.” So you can see that exon skipping or deletion is a very bad outcome.

In other words, ANY gene editing done on ANY species opens the door wide to all sorts of errors and unforeseen consequences. Doomsday genetic warfare and mutually assured destruction are the far shore of insanity…but closer in, where more limited experiments are taking place, there is no safety zone, either. Insanity reigns there as well.

Read what adorers of genetic experimentation have gushed:

“I went to Monsanto, and I spent a lot of time with the scientists there, and I have revised my outlook, and I’m very excited about telling the world. When you’re in love, you want to tell the world.” (Bill Nye, the Science Guy)

“I know it’s a long shot and people would say it’s ‘too absurd’… but I’m doing this with hopes of making a Mickey Mouse some day.” (Arikuni Uchimura, quoted in “Japan bio-scientists produce ‘singing mouse’”, The Independent, 21 December 2010.)

On the other hand, there is this: “Genetic engineering is to traditional crossbreeding what the nuclear bomb was to the sword.” (Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety)

So…we have a new COVID vaccine, based on experimental technology that delivers genetic instructions to cells of the body—instructions to create a protein that would otherwise never be created.

We’re told nothing can go wrong.

We have many examples of genetic technology going very wrong.

Farms that were supposed to be protected from Monsanto gene-drift turned into GMO Monsanto farms. So why couldn’t unvaccinated people turn into vaccinated people, through “shed and spread,” without ever receiving the COVID injection?

The problem is, the officials and experts who would answer that question for us are riddled with conflicts of interest; and they pretend to know what they don’t know; and they’re afraid of losing their jobs if they contradict the party line; and they’re experienced professional liars.

They’ve rewritten the old fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. These professionals NEVER cry wolf, no matter what disasters are brewing.

So we can never believe what they say.


On page 67, we find a warning about potential adverse effects of the vaccine. The abstruse term “study intervention” pops up. It surely means “vaccination.” “Environmental exposure” means contact with elements of the vaccine other than by injection.

Warning of adverse effect: “A female is found to be pregnant while being exposed or having been exposed to study intervention due to environmental exposure. Below are examples of environmental exposure during pregnancy:”

“A female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.”

“A male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.”

These warnings, from the vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer, are shocking. They imply that women can be harmed by breathing in, or contacting by skin, the vaccine as it moves from person to person. Which would be “shedding.”

And what is being transferred from person to person? What is in the vaccine? Genetic material. RNA.

—There is a Coda to this whole business. I write it because I don’t believe in ringing lots of alarm bells and leaving people with nothing but fear.

From personal experience, and 83 years of living, I know that people have an extraordinary ability to outlast elite insanity, no matter what.

Our faith, desire for freedom, creative force, resistance, outrage, immortal refusal to give in; these are the core of a story that has been unfolding for centuries and millennia.

This story goes beyond the forces arrayed against us. Regardless of the machinations brought to bear on humanity; regardless of claims that “there is no way out,” we find ways.

We’re told: WELL, NO ONE CAN REMAIN HEALTHY IN THE FACE OF THAT. “That” is the latest psychotic experiment in which we are the non-voluntary subjects.

But many people do retain their strength, through their inner resources and their overriding faith, and their absolute refusal to knuckle under.

Believe that, don’t believe it; it’s real.

Permanent victimhood is not our destiny.

It never was, it never will be.

Sitting at the big table, shove in all your chips on that decision.

If you do, you’re in a community that has strengths no technocrat or secret society can begin to conceive of.

It’s not over. It’s never over. Time is very long.

We are the cure.

This is the war.



The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

DIRTY VACCINES 101: Dangerous mRNA Covid inoculations explained in laymen’s terms for concerned people to understand



May 3, 2021

(Natural News) Vaccines are a very insidious way to attack humans and their immune systems because most people cannot even begin to understand the science behind the manufacturing of these biological warfare inoculations. It’s hard to question the science when you wouldn’t even understand the answers given, and scientists and doctors know this. Yet, if you knew exactly what the mRNA vaccines are capable of, you wouldn’t just think twice about getting any new vaccines, you would simply say, “no way.”

First, understand the value of “encoded protein molecules”

Back in 2008, some doctors translated what it means for cells to convert DNA into working proteins, a process they described as a “decoding of instructions” for making proteins, which involves mRNA transcriptions. The workhorses of the human cell are encoded protein molecules that help the body metabolize nutrients, meaning they are life-sustaining chemical reactions that convert food to energy and eliminate metabolic waste. In other words, encoded protein molecules are carrying out functions necessary for all human life, and that’s what the vaccine technology is manipulating.

Now, with mRNA vaccine technology, the information in your DNA that’s being transferred to messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules is being permanently changed, and not for your health or safety. This manipulation is called transcription, and during this process, the mRNA gets “read” by its new mutated genetic code, and its genetic code is the new template for the chain of amino acids that will form a protein. This is where it gets very scary.

Scientists are now fully capable of transcribing, translating, and mutating genes. Scientists believe they now have enough research to completely profile these transcriptions of cells with the complete set of RNA transcripts. This research is why mRNA vaccines have a huge impact on cellular functioning, and may explain why there are so many deadly “side effects” already being witnessed, including severe blood clots, intolerable nerve pain, blindness, deafness, and death.

Messenger RNA is a molecule of RNA that encodes a specific “chemical blueprint” that can be deadly for humans

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Totalitarian Madness Is Now Upon Us-Prepare For Extreme Tyranny, The Likes Of Which Have Never Been Seen Before


by Melissa Lane

May 3, 2021

“Liberal institutions straightway cease being liberal the moment they are soundly established: Once this is attained, no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (2007). “Twilight of the Idols with the Antichrist and Ecce Homo”, p.71, Wordsworth Editions

What we face today, and what is coming in the near future is pure, unadulterated, totalitarian madness, and so long as the people of this country remain indifferent to this tyranny, it will worsen and escalate every single day until nothing of value remains.

It cannot be stressed enough that the end of America is just around the corner. The controlling scum in power seeks the end of this economy, the end of all freedom, the end of joy, the end of travel, the end of independent thought, the end of any realistic intellect, and the end of sanity. This is where we are headed, and only the masses that are in most respects to blame for this takeover can stop it. That does not bode well for those of us willing to fight for our freedom, as we are now in the extreme minority. The risk to the actual freedom fighters is absolute, but little hope of a return to liberty is possible without those willing to risk all for their freedom.

All of us that will actively dissent, disobey all state orders, and call out the criminal government, are now targets of this heinous governing system, and every tactic necessary to eliminate resistance will be used against us. This is already beginning, as Biden declared “war” on domestic “terrorism.” Ex-CIA Director, John Brennan, said:

Biden’s intel community are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about the pro-Trump insurgency that harbors religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.

All of these are according to Brennan, insurgents, and he and the so-called “intelligence community” seem to be salivating at the prospect of war against the American people. This is a dire threat to anyone that disagrees with or stands against the state. I have detailed this in two articles I wrote earlier this month, visit:

The US Patriots Tagged As “Domestic Violent Extremists” By The U.S. Intelligence Community

Deadly Serious DHS List: You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…

Criminalizing opposition to the political class is so insanely dangerous to the people that it can only be described as a policy contrived by psychopathic and evil dictatorial monsters as a way to gain total control over society through force.


This is not an exaggeration; as what is called “domestic terrorism” is being openly discussed, and new legislation is not only being considered but is already being implemented in some states. Biden and some members of Congress are calling for new domestic terrorism legislation that would vastly expand the powers of the police state.

This is atrocious, as it will of course be misused to stifle all forms of dissent while labeling any that disagree with the government as terrorists. This could of course lead to complete censorship of all protest activity, as well as most all speech. The ramifications of such draconian policies are beyond reason, and could literally destroy our ability to peacefully fight back against extreme tyranny.

The danger of this could easily lead to more violence by not only the justified victims of state tyranny but also massive violent abuse of the citizenry by government enforcement goons in the police and military. Lunacy does not begin to describe the treacherous nature of such authoritarian measures.

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Life After Doomsday: An Accurate Expectation Of What Is To Come…

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Conspiracy Theory – W Jesse Ventura – BANNED Police State Episode! 2010


Rumble — This Episode AIRED ONCE… and the producers were WARNED NEVER to air it again.. and it hasn’t!

This episode shows the CONCENTRATION CAMP conspiracy and Police state agenda actually a VIRAL PANDEMIC VIDEO to get everyone who objects into a FEMA\CONCENTRATION Camp for orderly EXTERMINATION.. and this was back in 2010!!





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