Freshman Democrats Turn on Pelosi Over Border Wall, Seek Deal with Trump


by Matthew Boyle

January 16, 2019

Several freshman Democrat members of the new House of Representatives majority have turned on Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her steadfast refusal to fund President Donald Trump’s planned wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and are instead seeking for Democrats to cut a deal on the wall with Trump.

The ongoing partial government shutdown, which affects a quarter of the federal government and is now the longest shutdown in the history of the United States, began late last year just before Christmas. It dragged through New Years into the new Congress, and Pelosi–after she won the Speakership vote after fending off internal Democrat rebels–has refused to negotiate with President Trump on the wall. She and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer say Trump will never get funding for the wall, and they are keeping the government shut down because they refuse to pass any funding bill that has wall money in it.

House Majority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Pelosi’s second-in-command, says that Democrats are unified in their opposition to negotiating with President Trump on the wall. “We are totally united — totally,” Hoyer said, per the New York Times.

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Trudeau, Soros, Open Borders, and Free Speech. Spencer Fernando



Published on 15 Jan 2019

Is Canada a ‘Sanctuary Country’ ?
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Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeated By Massive Margin


by Spencer Fernando

January 15, 2019

432 voted no, while just 202 voted yes, among the worst defeats for a UK government in history.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal was crushed in the UK House of Commons.

Just 202 voted in favour of it, while 432 voted against.

The 230 vote margin of defeat is among the worst in modern history.

Following the vote, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would bring forward a vote of no-confidence in the Conservative government.

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Trudeau’s Weakness & Canada’s Lack Of Military Strength Means Nobody Takes Us Seriously


by Spencer Fernando

January 14, 2019

We need to stop pretending that ‘soft power’ is anything other than a comforting justification for being weak.

There have been numerous reports that China is considering offering concessions to the US in an effort to lower the US trade deficit with the Communist State. Meanwhile, Canadians are being detained, mistreated, and sentenced to death in the Communist country.

The Saudis remain cozy with the US, while treating Canada like garbage.

And Canada’s voice on the world stage has never been less relevant than it is today, even with a PM who constantly tries to cozy up to the global elites and serve the interest of foreign countries.

What does all of this have in common?

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Terrible: Bob Rae Compares Canadian Yellow Vests To ‘Brownshirts’


by Spencer Fernando

January 12, 2019

For a former political leader to demonize Canadians in that way is outrageous and divisive.

The overwhelming majority of Canadian Yellow Vest protesters are patriotic, peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, a small minority of individuals wearing yellow vests have made extreme statements and threats against the PM.

And of course, much of the establishment media and political class have focused on that small group, and used it to cast the entire Yellow Vest Canada movement as extreme.

Sadly, former failed NDP Premier of Ontario and former federal Liberal interim leader Bob Rae has chosen the path of demonizing working class Canadians in the Yellow Vest movement, instead of taking the time to listen and understand the legitimate concerns many Canadians have about our economy, energy industry, immigration system, and more.

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Justin Trudeau teams up with George Soros


Published on 11 Jan 2019

Ezra Levant of The reports on the Trudeau government hiding their dealing with billionaire globalist George Soros.







‘Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period,’ she says

Internal medicine physician & professor Dr. Sharon Goldberg delivered testimony before Congress about 5G technology and the inherent dangers surrounding it, specifically the biological effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

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Flu shot lands man in hospital, unable to speak, walk, see or even BREATHE


by Mike Adams

January 12, 209

(Natural News) This true story of a flu shot landing a man in the hospital is going viral via

A Las Vegas man lost his vision, became partially paralyzed and has been unable to breathe without assistance since getting a flu shot last month.

Shane Morgan and his wife Monique decided to get flu shots on November 2, believing it would help protect them and young family members ahead of the busy holiday season.

But what they thought was a pro-active measure turned to horror when Shane began losing feeling in his arms and legs.

“About 36-hours after he got the flu shot he started to get sick,” Monique explained to KSNV.

“I never dreamed that any of this could ever happen,” Shane told local media

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REPORT: Canadians Outraged Over Trudeau Government’s Disturbing ‘Impaired-Driving’ Law Giving Authorities Power To Demand Breathalyzers In Our Own Homes Hours After Driving


by Spencer Fernando

January 10, 2019

A serious infringement on the freedom and liberties of the Canadian People.

Changes to Canada’s impaired-driving laws passed by the Trudeau Liberals are causing massive outrage throughout the country, as Canadians see how the draconian new rules infringe on our civil liberties.

The Trudeau Liberals have changed Section 253 of the criminal code.

Now, police are allowed to demand breath samples from drivers for any reason, without needing a “reasonable suspicion” that someone has been drinking.

Here’s part of a Global News article describing the disturbing changes:

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Plague of Locusts Attacks Islam’s Holiest Mosque in Mecca



Breaking Israel News

Saudi Arabia, in particular the location of Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca, has recently been inundated by swarms of locusts, crickets and cockroaches.

Social media users have posted images and uploaded several videos of swarms of locust infesting the Great Mosque of Mecca, the holiest in all of Islam. It is the focus of the hajj, the pilgrimage, which draws millions of Muslims a year to Saudi Arabia.

According to a report on Al-Araby, Mecca’s municipal authorities announced earlier in the week that specialized teams of sanitation workers have been tasked to deal with the infestation.

“We have harnessed all efforts available to speed up the eradication of the insects in the interest of the safety and comfort of guests to God’s house,” said the statement.


Joel 1:4 King James Version (KJV)

That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten.


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