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US Withdraws From World Health Organization and Democrats Are Losing It

President Donald Trump officially withdrew the United States from the World Health Organization on Tuesday, and Democrat politicians are already losing their minds over it.

My investigation: the cult of COVID: Jon Rappoport

After I published several recent articles, an issue was raised. I’ll use it as an introduction to the cult of COVID

Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

The immune response to the virus is stronger than everyone thought Back to Reason Jul 1 · 12 The original article was published in the Swiss magazine...

BLM Protesters Assault Pastor and Ferociously Harass NY Baptist Churchgoers, Including Children

Several videos posted to social media show both black and white churchgoers being verbally harassed and assaulted outside of the Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York.

Jackson Is The Key, Message Was Sent Again – We Were Told The Battles...

Trump withdraws from the WHO, the [DS] is now saying the virus is airborne, they are going to be pushing this very hard, more to come.

The Alleged Hillary Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

WARNING: This video contains graphic details concerning the #HillarySexTape and the horrific acts she allegedly committed against a young girl.

WHO wants kids under 4 to be taught about masturbation and gender ‘identity’

World Health Organization (WHO) guidance says that children under the age of four should be given information about “early childhood masturbation” and encouraged to explore so-called gender identities.

Senator Dr. Scott Jensen, MN tries to add some complex into Covid with facts...

Scott M. Jensen is a physician, American politician, and member of the Minnesota Senate. A member of the Republican Party of Minnesota, he represents District 47 in the western Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Trump Is Ready To Reset The Balance Of Economic Power, Wait For It –...

Crimes Against Humanity, How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole,

Justin Trudeau snubs Nafta meeting with Trump in Washington

Mexico’s president to meet Trump on Wednesday Canada PM had spoken of concern about US tariffs on metals