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New close-up footage shows that Thomas Crooks’ shot was perfectly centered in the middle...

A combination of Trump tilting his head sideways to look at the graphic on the screen along with him leaning into the microphone, saved him his life.

Special Tuesday Evening Episode! Czech Record Level Data Reveal – Steve Kirsch

On this very special VSRF LIVE we will present to the general public Steve’s analysis of the highly anticipated Record Level Data from the Czech Republic.

[DS] Pushes Biden To Be Nominee, Cyber Attacks, Clear & Present Danger, Unity –...

 The [DS] is now rushing their convention, they need Biden to be the nominee in the month of July so they can swap him out during Aug.

Behind Trudeau’s “Liberal” Agenda Lies A Calculated Transition To Communism, by Brad Salzberg

“Under the guise of promoting 'generational fairness,' Trudeau's rhetoric sounds more like a socialist seeking to foment class-based warfare to pit Canadians against each other.”

Lee Greenwood gives an incredible introduction to Donald Trump as he enters the RNC...

Greenwood welcomes Donald Trump to the RNC Convention

Chart of the Day (CotD) South Africa Covid and Excess Deaths, by Eldric Vero

“South Africa Bullied By Big Pharma In COVID-19 Vaccines Contract Negotiations”

And You Want Me To Recommend The University Of British Columbia As A Legitimate...

A Professor at The UBC Medical School said this about the attempted assassination on Donald Trump’s life:

It Wasn’t A USSS Failure, It Was An Op By The [DS],Next Event, Nation...

The [DS] screwed up, they didn't complete their mission

“They WAITED 42 Second to shoot Trump’s Assassin” New Questions Emerge | Redacted w...

Why did the Secret Service wait 42 seconds to fire on President Trump's assassin after they'd been alerted?