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In Vancouver May 1st – The Fight for Freedom. Mark Friesen “Grizzly Patriot”

Censorship, Deep State, Election Fraud. Freedom Rally

[DS] Panic In Arizona, How Do You Inject Evidence Legally? Sting Of The Century

The [DS] is panicking over Arizona, they are now moving to the next phase to stop the information from getting ou

Trudeau Calls Astrazeneca Vaccine Safe As Canadian Reported DEAD From Injection, by Brad Saltzberg

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reassured Canadians that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

“Warmongering Fool” – Trump Responds to Liz Cheney After She Sides with Pelosi

Trump declared an all-out war on delusional RINO Liz Cheney after she sided with demon Pelosi

Canada Would Benefit From Having Maverick & PPC MPs In Parliament, by Spencer Fernando

Right now, Conservative voters are being treated as if they lack any leverage. That can change rapidly.

Panic Everywhere, America Deserves The Truth, It’s Going To Be A Very Hot Summer

The patriots are in full control, the audit moves forward. The [DS] is trying everything to block the audit, if this fails they will try to block the audit information.

Epic Deception Being Exposed – Guest James Corbett

James Corbett from www.corbettreport.com joins us talk about the incredible level of deception we are witnessing from all of our institutions.

Anti-Racism Policy Sets Up Anglophone Canadians For Second Class Status, by Brad Saltzberg

As an initial roll-out, Canadian diplomats are now being trained according to the dictates of Critical Race Theory, a policy recently endorsed by the Trudeau government.

The Pandemic on Television, by Jon Rappoport

It should obvious to all but the most addled minds that television news anchors, their script writers, and editors never question the following (false) assertions:

[DS] Panic “Demean & Destroy Campaign” In Place, The People Have The True Power

 The [DS] is panicking, they are preparing a demean and destroy campaign to push against the audit.
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