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Patel Patriot – The Stage Is Set, In The End The [DS] Will Cease...

Patel Patriot is the creator of the Devolution series.

BOOM! Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union (SMART) with 203,000 Members Announces Stand...

SMART, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, is one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 203,000 members.

Saving Freedoms in British Columbia and Canada. Bill Vander Zalm

Globalism, Communism, One World Government Guest: Bill Vander Zalm Former Premier of BC

21-Year-Old Fully Vaccinated Student Dies of COVID, as Breakthrough Cases Continue to Climb

Shawn Kuhn, 21, a senior majoring in exercise and sports science at the University of Georgia (UGA), died Oct. 11 from COVID complications, despite being fully vaccinated.

Mandate or Freedom: An open letter to corporate CEOs, by Jon Rappoport

Let’s be frank. Who in his right mind would appeal to corporate CEOs on fundamental issues of ethics and freedom?

The Covid-19 genocide-holocaust debate, by Ricky Daytona

It's an extremely sensitive topic, a contentious debate that has appeared over the last few months of the pandemic.

The Script Has Been Flipped On The [DS],National Security Concerns,Clear & Present Danger

The patriots are now closing on the [DS]. The [DS] is scrambling, the evidence is being produced.

Scandal, Embezzlement Accusations As Canada Sends Billions In Foreign Aid, by Brad Salzberg

So much corruption exists in the world of foreign aid to 3rd World nations that critics have coined a name for the phenomenon: Phantom Aid.

NBA Player Got Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine that Ends His Season – NBA...

Goodwin said the NBA told him to keep it quiet.

Sister of dead 14-year-old boy blasts Alberta Health for labelling his death COVID-related

“He died from Stage 4 brain cancer, not from covid. This is fake news,” said Spitzer in the post. by Melanie Risdon October 14, 2021 Simone Spitzer...
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