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Qanon September 15, 2020 – Hold the Line Riders, by Dave Hayes, aka Praying...

Will Julian Assange reveal the truth about Seth Rich?

Assange, Rich, Brennan On Deck, Hold The Line Justice Is Coming – X22 Report

Assange, Rich and Brennan are now on deck, news will be coming out shortly, the server brings down the house.

Time to get back to work: “Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson” at Vancouver Rally on Sunday

The largest protest for freedom and against COVID-19 Restrictions, to take place in Vancouver to date occurred on Sunday, September 13

CV19 Scam is the Biggest Crime of the Century, and it is the Fourth...

This is the fourth time organized crime has tried to pull this one on us.

VP hopeful Kamala Harris- who says she supports defunding police – is seen in...

VP candidate Kamala Harris visited Florida Memorial University last Thursday in Miami and was protected by an assault rifle-wielding Secret Service agent

Q – Pedophiles, Arsonists, And [D]eceivers. Welcome to the [D] party con. Dustin Nemos

More Q anon.  We also have warnings of military coup d’etat from treasonous generals like Mattis and others. 

America 1950 vs. America 2020

If you could go back to 1950, would you do it? There would be no Internet, no cellphones and you would only be able to watch television in black and white.

InDoctorNation – Making a Killing with COVID-19

Wikipedia and other Establishment ‘fact checkers’ are having an attack of apoplexy describing this documentary as an anti-vaccine, conspiracy-theory smorgasbord

Covid update: The grand Ohio legal case for our time, against kings on their...

On Monday, I wrote about Thomas Renz, the Ohio lawyer who is taking on a case for a set of plaintiffs, against Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the state of Ohio.

Patriots Forced The [DS] Hand Early, Trap Of Traps, Red October – X 22...

The [DS]/MSM have been positioned for the trap of traps. The patriots forced the [DS] hand early
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