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The Shape of the Earth, by Pastor Dean Odke

Pastor Dean Odle continues with part 3 of his series on "The Sevenfold Doctrine of Creation"

[DS] Will Unleash Their Weapon After May, The People Are Becoming United Under Trump...

The [DS] is planning to unleash their weapon after May, the Who is have their vote behind closed doors

Jim Willie: Gold, USD, Revolution, False Flag 101

Doubles and Clones, Disruptive Events, Sleeper Cells

Response John R—-nil, by Brian Peckford

Conservative Federal Leader Poilievre nor the Prime Minister have replied  to a letter I wrote them about closing the loophole that allows MP ‘s to break the law and continue to serve as an MP

Neil Oliver: Lies & Creeping Control!!!

Scottish television presenter and anti-globalist agenda thought leader Neil Oliver painted a grim picture on his YouTube channel Wednesday.

Chart of the Day (CotD) Japan Covid and Excess Deaths, by Eldric Vero

“A Message from Japan to the World – by Professor Masayasu Inoue” 

China Inquiry: To Continue Erosion Of Democracy In Canada, Vote Liberal, by Brad Salzberg

At the root of the Liberal-China relationship lies the political fate of our nation.

I was having a random chat with a normie co-worker. The subject of covid...

He felt he had been duped, as he got the initial 2 shots, and admitted to me that since then, he has experienced some weird breathing issues and auto immune side effects

“There Is Not A Single Vaccine In The US Routine Childhood Program Whose True...

“The assertion that vaccines cause serious side effects in “one in a million” vaccinees contradicts the results of numerous clinical trials in which serious adverse events were reported in 1 in 40, 30, or even as few as 20 vaccinated infants