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Is Disney Really Just Pedophile Inc??? – Dustin Nemos

Another example of in your face pedo symbolism hidden in Disney, Which seems to be Pedo Inc.

The COVID illusion and the currency reset Apr 6 by Jon Rappoport

When this highly destructive farce is over, there are several ways things could go. In this article, I describe one path.

CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You’re Just...

The problem with making informed decisions about coronavirus is that we don’t have a whole lot of data on it at the moment.

No Flag, No Seal? hmmm

Are we getting coded messages from the White House?What is this all about?

Anonymous Message To Bill Gates…

This is a message for Bill Gates. In the midst of a historical pandemic, much of the world is looking to you for solutions, and it seems that this is no mistake, because you have positioned yourself as the Nostradamus of disease

Citizen reporters go out and do what the media won’t (Empty hospitals)

https://youtu.be/zSBgXJpje74 Didi Vanh 6.09K subscribers If your video clip was featured and I didn't already note it, it's bc I couldn't find the original poster. Please email...

Bill Gates on Epstein’s Jet Same Year Engineer Arrested At Gates’ House for Child...

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, billionaire and founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs in 2013 - The same year that Gates' 'personal engineer' was arrested at his mansion for possessing/trading 6000+ images of child/rape pornography.

BREAKING: Trudeau government gives $159 MILLION to developing countries for feminism, coronavirus

so the PM and MP's all got a raise on April 1st, the increase the carbon tax by another 50%... this guy can't give our money away fast enough...

CoronaVirus Lies the Fake News Told You, by Dustin Nemos

Are the deaths that are happening, really the coronavirus Covid-19