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Tucker Carlson destroys Jagmeet Singh for smearing truckers as racists

Tucker Carlson destroys Jagmeet Singh for smearing truckers as racists.

CBC admits that it spread disinformation on ‘Freedom Convoy,’ retracts false story

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which relies on generous pay-outs from the taxpayer to function, has admitted to spreading disinformation on the Freedom Convoy.

The Facts about David Martin-PhD, by Bruce Dunne (Updated)

by Bruce Dunne ES reader May 19, 2022 I am submitting this information in regards to the video you had posted on your website yesterday (18 May/22) regarding...

Misdirection Sometimes Creates One Person To Turn On Another (Publicly), [C]oming Soon

The [DS] is now trying to derail the Durham trial, they will try every trick in the book, the patriots already knew this.


They Can’t Hide This Any Longer…

Justin Trudeau’s Democratic Replacement Theory, by Brad Salzberg

Things Mainstream Media Are Paid To Say By The Liberals

German MEP Christine Anderson on the Jabs

German MEP warns about the Jabs

Trudeau Prepares To Destroy Health Care Sovereignty With Global Pandemic Treaty

Justin Trudeau continues to pimp out Canadian sovereignty to the highest globalist bidder. by Brad Salzberg CAP May 19, 2022 According to multiple reports, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is...

Court OKs puberty blockers: medical con for the ages, by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport No More Fake News May 19, 2022 (To join our email list, click here.) I’ll expose the con. First, the story: Information Liberation: “Judge Rules Parents Have ‘Fundamental...

Update on Tamara Lich, by Dallon Leger

For those inspired by Tamara Lich and all she has done I have a bit of an update for you