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B.C. serial killer Robert Pickton savagely attacked in prison, clinging to life

Notorious B.C. serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton was on life support Monday after a brutal attack by another prisoner in Quebec’s maximum Port-Cartier Institution

Open Letter To John Rustad , Leader Of The BC Conservative Party —Ideas For...

It is obvious to all who live in British Columbia that you and the Party that you now lead are a major political force in the political life of the Province. That you and your Party will have a significant influence on public policy at least over the next several years.

Michael Cohen Reveals He Has a Financial Interest in Outcome of Alvin Bragg’s Lawfare...

President Trump was back in a Manhattan court on Monday in Alvin Bragg’s Soviet-style ‘hush money’ lawfare tria

Chart of the Day (CotD) The Final Countdown (3rd Annual), by Eldric Vero

This CotD is the 3rd Annual update of the “The Final Countdown” special edition

Who’s Really On Trial? It’s Always Been About The 2024 Election, Justice Is Coming...

The [DS] now realizes that no matter which they go with the indictments it is a no win situation, the people already see that the court cases are a sham and Biden is interfering with the election

Derek Johnson – Trump Is The Commander In Chief, People Are Witnessing The Destruction...

Derek Johnson is a  United States Army Veteran, Retired, DV. 1776 nation which is thedocuments.info, where breaks down the covert operation that is going on right now

Trudeau’s Abortion Obsession Reeks Of Totalitarian Tendencies, by Brad Salzberg

Justin Trudeau's disregard for human life is entirely suspect. In this can be discovered a distorted pathology that should be understood by all Canadians.

The Ivermectin Miracle?

“I was as astonished as anyone might be that ivermectin has potential as an anti-cancer agent,” says cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy.

Covid Through a Pathologists Eye: Ryan Cole on DarkHorse

Bret Speaks with Ryan Cole about his role as a Covid dissident over the last 4 years, and his unique viewpoint as a pathologist