Nearly every NYPD cop hates Mayor de Blasio

The vast majority of NYPD cops hate Mayor de Blasio, according to a police-union survey

Urgent! Forbidden information, a must watch! 5G is a kill grid leading to vaccinations

Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave all of us and how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity

Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s carbon tax plan is close to blowing up in his face

A growing number of provinces are girding for battle in what could be a federal-provincial showdown for the ages

‘King’ Trudeau Is Vacationing In Florida On The Taxpayers Dime, But PMO Won’t Say...

Trudeau feels entitled to spending our money without any transparency or accountability

University of Alberta’s identity stolen by fake California institution

(The website of a fake California university has stolen the history and reputation of the University of Alberta. (University of Alberta)   By Anna McMillan, CBC News March 16,...

Faced with Cancer & Radiation, Corrie Yelland chooses Cannabis Oil and Wins!

The remarkable story of Cannabis Health Radio’s co-host Corrie Yelland. Faced with a cancer diagnosis and recommendation of radiation treatment, which would cause devastating side effects, she researched cannabis oil as an alternative treatment and successfully rid her body of cancer. She now helps others around the world.

The Canadian Government Is Lying About Cannabis Legalization (Video)

Cannabis is the gateway to liberty...but not if the Canadian government can help it!There is a grand illusion taking place in Canada right now where the masses have been deceived into believing that cannabis will be legalized for the benefit of the Canadian people...

Justin from Canada Talks About His Confidence Defeating President Trump Over NAFTA…

Justin from Canada discusses his confidence at defeating U.S. President Donald Trump over concessions in NAFTA. Essentially Sparkle Socks argument comes down to his view that women’s rights, climate change and globally progressive policies are more than enough to swat away the territorial annoyances of President Trump

New Party For Britain! – Anne Marie Waters (Video)

Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.Media reported on the launch of a new political party called For Britain. It's being launched by Anne Marie Waters, who recently came second in the UKIP leadership contest

Former BC Premier/Federal Minister Ujjal Dosanjh Says Jagmeet Singh’s Attendance At Khalistani Rally Shows...

Ujjal Dosanjh – a former federal cabinet minister and former Premier of B.C. who has courageously stood up against Khalistani extremism throughout his career and was once almost killed for it – ripped into Jagmeet Singh’s presence at an event that venerated a Khalistani extremist