WATCH: Conservative Senator Rips Trudeau’s ‘Independent’ Senators Attempt To Cover-Up SNC-Lavalin Scandal

The supposedly ‘independent’ Senate is actually doing Justin Trudeau’s bidding, desperately trying to avoid a real investigation of the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal

Yellow Vests 26: Viral FAKE News & Media Gag Order

The Yellow Vests protests enter week 26. Two dueling narratives are being reported, one claiming this is the smallest protest yet, and the other saying attendance has tripled

Trump declares national emergency over threats against US technology amid campaign against Huawei

President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared a national emergency over threats against American technology, the White House said.

Barry and Honey Sherman’s neighbours cite mysterious 911 call, visitor on day before billionaires...

Toronto Police were investigating a mysterious 911 call down the street from Barry and Honey Sherman’s home at the same time as the Apotex founder and his wife lay dead or dying, a Star investigation reveals

Now that we know the FBI is corrupt and treasonous, it’s time to revisit...

The Bush administration, with obvious ties to the CIA (Bush senior was the former director of the CIA) used the 9/11 attacks to firmly establish the intelligence community’s stranglehold over all politics and political players

“Mass sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine

The results confirmed their worst fears: all six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen

Bill Hemmer Interviews AG William Barr (Full Interview)

AG William Barr talks to Fox News in first on air interview. (FULL INTERVIEW)

COMEY FREAKS! Lashes out at Attorney General Bill Barr, President Trump After Spying and...

James Comey and several others are in serious trouble. These anti-Trump deep state operatives tried to take out President Trump and failed. Now they are going to face justice.

LILLEY: Norman not the only victim of Trudeau’s vindictive streak

As the Conservatives hammered the Liberals in the House of Commons for the second night in a row, a woman at the centre of the drama surrounding Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was hammering the actions of the Trudeau government

Kenya attack: 147 dead as Islamist gunmen target Christian students

At least 147 people have been killed after Islamist terrorists attacked a Kenyan university, singling out Christian students to murder