Trump Will Become More Powerful Than The [DS] Could Ever Imagine,[DS] Trapped, Justice –...

The [DS] only has a couple of moves left and the moves they are making are stupid. If they arrest Trump he will be come more powerful than the [DS] could ever imagine.

Dr. Peter McCullough: They Paid Doctors and Nurses to Murder Innocent Patients. They Faked...

Dr. Peter McCullough: They Paid Doctors and Nurses to Murder Innocent Patients. They Faked Covid Cases and Deaths to Instill Fear in People

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson – Conservative Party of BC MLA John Rustad will join us

We need to end subsidies for electric vehicles, why BC should finally drop all Covid mandates for healthcare workers and start re-hiring laid off workers.

Concerning News from TD Bank

I went to my bank today, Toronto Dominion to verify Chris Sky’s viral post referencing the letter about TD and their Digital Banking Agreement!

USA – Florida’s Ron DeSantis: cash is king

"Cash is king. The minute it's all digitized, somebody else is going to have control over your life”

From a perspective of despair, by Ricky Daytona

I admit that most days I do truly despair. I grab some fresh coffee, crank up the iMac, and scan my usual array of global alt-media resources to get updated on the progress of the insane amount of “madness virus” being unloaded upon humanity’s conscience.

[D]s Trying To Regain Power, The Path Forward Is Being Set, Think Precedent, Do...

The [DS] is panicking, all assets deployed to get Trump, they are now trying to create chaos and a civil war.

Unacceptable Views (2022) Full Documentary

Unacceptable Views is a work of love for the Truckers, Convoy participants and Freedom-loving Canadians.

Covid deaths in Japan, ‘Chart of the Day’ 18th of March 2023 (Updated)

Note that since January 1, 2023, over 16,000 citizens of Japan have died (i.e. covid related deaths) or 220 per day on average.  This is truly unconscionable.