Trudeau Brands Canada Racist On Chinese Head Tax Anniversary, by Brad Salzberg

Public attitudes toward immigration in China make Canada look like a woke paradise. Justin Trudeau couldn't give a damn.

Why Isn’t Canada Taking Action On Things We Can Do Now To Begin Restoring...

Notes Of My Speech We Unify Conference —May 26-28, 2023–Reclaiming Canada —Victoria, BC.

Top 15 Remarkable Reasons that Indicate Global Warming Is a Hoax

The human impact on the earth’s temperature is believed to only account for 10% of all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

You can prove that vaccines cause autism in one VAERS query, by Steve Kirsch

Why would there be a 38X reporting difference for autism between the HepB vaccine and the MMR vaccine?

[DS] Showed The People The Blueprint To Beat Them, Puzzle Coming Together – X22...

The [DS] has now shown the people the blueprint, they can fight back using their wallet and the [DS] cannot not do anything about it, they cannot arrest people for not shopping or buying a product

Canadian Media’s Communist War Against The Christian Religion, by Brad Salzberg

How did it come to be that Canada became converted to an anti-Christian society?

Vaxxed: The Global Epidemic Of Sudden Deaths – Dr. William Makis

Canadian doctor William Makis joins SGT Report to discuss the global epidemic of sudden deaths and to expose Pfizer and Moderna for the crimes against humanity which are undoubtedly tied to the mRNA bioweapon masquerading as a "vaccine".

Died Suddenly – COVID-19 vaccine injured swimmers: 37 yo Italian swimming champion Claudio Rais...

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, Big Pharma isn’t very concerned about the vaccine injured.

The Matrix Revealed: My Interviews on the Manipulation of Universes, by Jon Rapport

In these interviews, you get the details on manipulation of the mind at a level that goes light years beyond conventional analysis of propaganda.

[DS] Lost Control Of The People, Trump Pivots And Fires A Shot, Optics Are...

 The [DS] has now lost control of the people, they don't have the narrative and they desperately want it back, but this will not happen, once the people are awake you can't put them back to sleep