Bill 36 in BC proposes jail time for healthcare whistleblowers

The fight is fare from over and good luck enforcing any of this outside of your leftist sheep strongholds of Vancouver and Victoria you weak and pathetic little WEF puppet

Black widow spider stirs riots at University, by Jon Rappoport

Four articles today. Boom. And, before I get to the “Black widow spider stirs riots at University” story, a question…

COVID man-made, former Wuhan-based scientist says

Scientist Andrew Huff, who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, blamed authorities for the “biggest U.S. intelligence failure since 9/11,” Britain’s the Sun is reporting.

Optics Are Important, Foreign Emoluments Clause In Focus, Operators Active – X22 Report

The [DS] is now going down the path the patriots want them to go down

“Is ‘Hell No’ An Option” – Kari Lake DESTROYS Leftist Twitter Poll Asking “Should...

The 2022 Midterm in Arizona was stolen from Kari Lake by corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who challenged Lake for Governor, and Kari Lake is not giving up.

Seizure Of Guns Precedes Authoritarian Government Take-Overs Of History, by Brad Salzberg

History proves that bad things happen to innocent civilians post-public weapons seizures.

New Podcast: The Transgender and Transhumanist Agenda, by Jon Rappoport

In this podcast, I’m going to connect ALL the following dots in ways they’ve never been (but should be) connected:

Dr. Yeadon Warns: So-Called “COVID Vaccines” Are Toxic by Design

"I heartily recommend you take seriously the warning I’m issuing."

Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates Is Promoting ‘Surveillance Agriculture’

Prior to World War II, big corporations had no role in growing food, according to Vandana Shiva, Ph.D. “Growing food was an act of care, an act of love,” she said.

Govt. Database Shows 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports Due To Covid Vaccines

LifeSite is reporting that a researcher who queried the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) discovered a 10,661.4% increase in cancer reports as a result of experimental Covid-19 gene-base vaccines as compared with all FDA-approved vaccines over the last 30 years.