Feds say 195 Canadians dead after getting COVID shots

The feds have set aside a $75 million compensation fund, including payment of burial expenses, for people who passed away from the shot.

Hospitals Full With Vax Injuries! Whistleblowers Speaks Out! Doctors Are Being Silenced!

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Chaos Is Here. What Is The Endgame? Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Friend of the show, Leszek Szostak joins us to talk about what do we do next

Exit From the Matrix: Why the Army of Reality always needs more soldiers, by...

What we call Reality is a hall of mirrors. It reflects itself back and forth and builds up a consensus

Covidius: Our great hope (part four) by Ricky Daytona

The narrative only has fear as an effective weapon. Fear of an invisible virus. Fear of a terrible pandemic

Vaccine Mandates Will Further Weaken Our Healthcare System, by Spencer Fernando

As our freedoms were increasingly constrained over the past year and a half, the main ‘justification’ given by power-hungry politicians was that this had to be done to ‘save the healthcare system from collapsing.

Is This The Future You Want!? The Transhumanist MOONSHOT Matrix is Being Built Right...

Do you want to live in Virtual Reality in the name of Sustainable Development? I show you what the insane Cybernetics / Transhumanists are building

Mysterious Death Of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughn & Covid Censorship With Dr. Scott...

Mysterious Death of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughn, Plus Censorship with Dr. Scott Jensen.

Did Refugee Ibrahim Ali Get Away With Murdering 13-Year Old Marrisa Shen? by Brad...

Regarding Syrian refugee intake policy, Justin Trudeau stated “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens.”
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