Do not go to Doctors…..

My father is a retired physician of 60 years. He says today, in 2024, DO NOT GO TO DOCTORS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.

Roger Stone: My sources confirm everything here is correct…

“Democrats are making decertification plans in case of a Trump win.”

Contempt For Poilievre’s Church Visit Exemplify Trudeau’s Anti-Christian Agenda, by Brad Salzberg

"They’re a dangerous lot. These are the sort of groups Poilievre seeks out. He met with these folks three times while not attending a single Pride event."

Precious Metals Equals Investment Security With Dan Vachon & Steven Merrill

Dan Vachon, A4C’s pastor lead, interviews Steven Merrill, owner of Sun City Silver & Gold Exchange, Kelowna, BC, to discuss the instability of Canada’s financial system and the alternative options for your investments

Fact check: No, Biden has never been a good, honest, or decent man

Biden also has not enjoyed even a moderately successful presidency. The cost of living is up more than 20 percent since he took office. Gas prices are up 50 percent. Violent crime has driven law-abiding citizens out of major American cities (all run by Democrats with liberal district attorneys) to red states like Texas, Tennessee and Florida