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Christians are being massacred in Nigeria by Extremists Muslims

"Christians are being massacred in Nigeria by Fulani and Boko Haram jihadists -- and no one gives a damn." The UN global genocide agenda that would make Hitler envious.

CBC TV program features Omar Khadr as Easter Sunday talk show guest

“Tout le monde en parle” (Everyone’s talking about it), a francophone Radio-Canada talk show is hosting Omar Khadr as a Sunday evening guest

Byron York & Mark Levin on “Life, Liberty and Levin” Byron York, Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent joins Mark on the Mueller Report        

Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

Electric vehicles in Germany account for more CO2 emissions than diesel ones, according to a study by German scientists.

5G Testimony      

Climate Change and the Ten Warning Signs for Cults

Is climate change alarmism a religious cult? I said so in my book False Alarm and so does this writer.

Qanon April 19 2019 – The Fox 3 Amigos by Praying Medic

Q gives us information about the Mueller report and we look at how the President gets his message out through Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and John Solomon

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FIREWORKS! Mike Huckabee Calls For April Ryan’s White House Credentials to be Revoked For...

by Cristina Laila Gateway Pundit April 19, 2019 Mike Huckabee sprung into action Friday to defend his daughter, White House Press Sec Sarah Sanders after CNN’s April...