by Keean Bexte

November 18, 2021

Over 500 cases. Imagine if it was your child.
The lunatics in charge want to inject kids with the inoculation cocktail. Sure, it doesn’t work great after a couple of months, but to them – your compliance is what is so valuable.

What they (and the corporate media) won’t tell you is that Ontario reached a new low last week after the government confirmed 521 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis following inoculation with the still-widely-mandated COVID vaccine.

Why are we the only ones talking about this?

Moreover, the rate of incidents of post-vaccine myocarditis appears to be increasing, as 45 new cases were reported in just the last week, marking a 9.45 percent increase in a single week.

Like I said – it is your compliance that they want. Will you give it to them?
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte



  1. They are all sick in the head and I guess they can’t help the way they think! I still say they should all go to jail and we Canadians forget about them. Let them go begging for what they would like to have. All I want is justice for my husband and for my family to have their freedom back! I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. God as the final say,not Justin Trudeau,my two year old granddaughter could make better decisions for our country than he ever will. I know you are not supposed to dislike anyone but I’m having trouble with Trudeau and his puppets. God please help me feel different some day 🙏

  2. Nobody here is anti-vax. PEOPLE ARE ANTI-MANDATES! Though personally I know or believe enough that these shots are generally useless and are killing and injuring many globally. I am not telling anyone though to NOT TAKE THE SHOTS! WHO WOULD I BE TO TELL YOU WHAT CHOICE YOU WANT TO MAKE!?! I just don’t want you to force your choice onto me or others who may want to choose differently. WHY DO YOU PRO COVID 19 VAXXERS NOT UNDERSTAND THIS!?!

  3. Kim, yes God is about love but God is about justice too. He took aim to destroy others who fell out of his grace and committed acts against the Commandments and statutes. The Cannonites were crushed by God for their creation of a false god Moloch and their child sacrifices to him….. Love, may mean picking up the sword of righteousness at times too.