Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

Media Errors during the Trump Era: A Comprehensive List - Sharyl Attkisson

Biden Halts ‘Trump Is Hitler’ Ads After Assassination Attempt

The scandal-plagued Biden campaign has pulled all its ads against former President Donald Trump after he was nearly killed by a shooter on Saturday. 

Regime Change Roulette, by Bruce O’Hara

At the start of the war in Ukraine, all the leaders of the G-7 nations were arguing for “regime change” in Russia. Well, regime change is happening all right, just not the sort they imagined.

Shot Heard Around The World, Threats/Scare Tactics Deployed, Fear Not – X22 Report

The [DS] tried to remove Trump with an attempted assassination

The Trump Assassination Attempt, by Jon Rappoport

I’m not buying the excuse that the SS was undermanned. They were, but that building should have been an A-1 priority. (And yes, Trump’s people have been turned down in their requests for more SS protection. Is the head of the SS more focused on bringing DEI through the door?

Emergency! America Is Now Under Globalist Attack! More Assassination Attempts Imminent.

The Deep States Next Move is False Flags, Civil Unrest & Martial Law!

“BlackRock’s Next Plans Will SHOCK THE WORLD” – Whitney Webb’s Latest Larry Fink Expose

"BlackRock's Next Plans Will SHOCK THE WORLD" - Whitney Webb's Latest Larry Fink Expose

Trump shot at Pa. rally live updates: Attempted Trump assassin is dead

President Trump has been shot. Assassin has been killed. Trump is OK. Rally participant was also killed

They removed the “Do No Harm” part of the Hippocratic Oath, several years ago…

Guess what's missing in today's Hippocratic Oath? "Do No Harm"