VIDEO: As He Divides Canadians With His Unpatriotic Disloyalty, Trudeau Blames Conservatives & Scheer...

Time and time again, Trudeau blames others rather than take responsibility for the crises he creates

Award-winning professor Salim Mansur disqualified from seeking Conservative nomination

Mansur, a recently retired Western University professor, announced his candidacy last September in his home riding, London North Centre

Dodgeball is Oppressive

The Washington Post actually ran a story about a group of Canadian academics that have discovered that dodgeball is actually an oppressive and dehumanising tool of the patriarchy

Communist China Expands Internet Crackdown, Washington Post & Guardian Blocked

Most websites from free countries are blocked in Communist China, particularly news/media sites.

6 Premiers Representing Majority Of Canadians Issue Letter Warning Trudeau Of Danger Posed By...

by Spencer Fernando June 10, 2019 A possible ‘constitutional crisis’ looms. 6 Canadian Premiers representing the majority of Canadians have written an open letter to Justin Trudeau,...

Mark Levin talks with life long ‘Level headed’ Democrat Mark Penn – A Must...

https://youtu.be/cYX5EQ4dXaY Life Liberty & Levin Fox News 6/9/19 | Mark Levin Talk to Mark Penn - Harris Poll Chairman    

Muslim Tells Christians; “We Tried Warning You,”It’s Time to” Wake Up’ about Threat of...

Muslim author Mohammad Tawhidi shares with CBN News' Sr. International Correspondent George Thomas how America can fight against the threat of radical Islam.

Trudeau Liberals To Release “SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS” in Lead Up To Federal Election!

In the lead up to a federal election Justin Trudeau will be trying out some new campaign strategies that he learned from a book titled “propaganda” by a man named Edward Bernays.

Why is Nobody Talking About THIS?!? Former State Senator Linda Collins-Smith shot dead!

Former state senator Linda Collins-Smith who was shot and killed in her home was to appear as a witness in child trafficking involving the Clintons

Louisianna Becomes First State to call for study on Health Impact of 5G

Derrick Broze, TMU Waking Times June 7, 2019 On May 29, the Louisiana House unanimously voted to have the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of...