The Deep State Is Assassinating Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange appeared in court to fight his extradition to the United States, sluggishly reciting his name and date of birth in a zombie-like state

Boom Boom Boom Boom Obama, Treason, Clapper, Treason, Brennan, HRC, Comey, Page… (Dustin Nemos)

Corruption, Socialism, Communism - No horror movie ever prepared you for this... 

Controlling Minds, Narratives & Elections: Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

Censorship is the “buzzword,” but what’s really happening is suggestive mind control, propagating narratives, and manipulating elections

31 arrested, 300 charges in Ontario-based sex trafficking

A major investigation into human trafficking and organized crime that started when two Quebec women contacted police in Ontario has led to 31 arrests and more than 300 charges being laid.

What The Media Was Afraid To Tell You This Week

One America News Network

Freeform Friday October 25, 2019

All over the place - in order of appearance: --Trudeau win, --Antifa Arrested for Intimidation

EMERGENCY: Justin Trudeau takes Rebel News to court again…

Help us fight back against the Trudeau Liberal government's attempts to crush freedom of the press

Swamp Creatures of the Pacific – Amazing Polly

An Attorney General is shot to death on a tiny island in Micronesia. Following this story leads to a Baby Mill run out of Arizona, Human Trafficking foundations, Manta Rays, a child named Maggie & Barack Obama. ... Strap in! more....

ARROGANCE: Newly Elected Montreal Liberal MP Is Already Condescendingly Lecturing The West

Steven Guilbeault also retweeted article about “taking on the oil and gas lobby…”

Will Trudeau Punish West for Voting Conservative?

BC Money Laundering Inquiry has “soft” start