Vaccine Mandates Will Further Weaken Our Healthcare System, by Spencer Fernando

As our freedoms were increasingly constrained over the past year and a half, the main ‘justification’ given by power-hungry politicians was that this had to be done to ‘save the healthcare system from collapsing.

Is This The Future You Want!? The Transhumanist MOONSHOT Matrix is Being Built Right...

Do you want to live in Virtual Reality in the name of Sustainable Development? I show you what the insane Cybernetics / Transhumanists are building

Mysterious Death Of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughn & Covid Censorship With Dr. Scott...

Mysterious Death of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughn, Plus Censorship with Dr. Scott Jensen.

Did Refugee Ibrahim Ali Get Away With Murdering 13-Year Old Marrisa Shen? by Brad...

Regarding Syrian refugee intake policy, Justin Trudeau stated “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens.”

Scientists Sue the FDA for Data it Relied Upon to License Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine

You can’t say no, you can’t sue for harm, and you can’t see the data underlying the government’s claim that the product is safe and effective. That seems fair.

The Monolith: How I put together The Matrix Revealed, by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport No More Fake News   October 16, 2021 In 1987, when I was researching my book, AIDS INC., I took a side road. It was prompted...

Dominoes falling daily, by Ricky Daytona

Every day the dominoes fall, the narrative crumbles further, resistance builds and lies are uncovered and unravel. 

Election Was Rigged & Stolen, Decertify Or Name The Real Winner, Buckle Up

Trump and the patriots are now making the move, the proof is coming out about the elections, it was stolen and now there is going to be a reckoning, buckle up

Two B.C. women file constitutional challenge of vaccine card

Two British Columbia women who say doctors advised them against getting COVID-19 vaccines have filed a constitutional challenge of the province’s vaccine passport
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