Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots, Steve Kirsch

I was chatting with Lt. Col. Theresa Long about this after being tipped off by Pierre Kory who sent me the photos. This is the real deal.

Truckers Convoy: Why The Mainstream Media Blackout?!

With a large convoy of Canadian truckers forming a ‘Freedom Rally’ to protest vaccine mandates, how are government and media framing them less than 2 years after truckers, like nurses, were called heroes?

The [CB] Pushes The Great Reset Using Russia

The people are fighting back in Canada and Trudeau is retreating and hiding because he is losing the narrative

Jack Denmo Podcast – Maxime Bernier PPC Leader Is Opening Canada!

https://youtu.be/IxX14VIR04U Max joins Podcast host Jack      

In Isolation: The Anti-Masculine Nature Of Justin Trudeau, by Brad Salzberg

At the same time as the Canadian truckers convoy hit the Ontario border, Justin Trudeau goes into isolation due to Covid.

ROAD CLOSED: Government has cited treacherous weather, and the convoy may be stopped in...

The government is trying to stop the convoy by spreading fake news about weather conditions. Police have recommended the convoy "split up."

The Government has isolated, purified, and sequenced Fear, by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport No More Fake News January 27, 2022 (To join our email list, click here.) You can buy bottles of Liquid Fear (LF) at your local pharmacy....

The Charter’s only living signatory sues Canada over travel mandates

“The federal travel ban has segregated me from other Canadians. It’s discriminatory, violates my Charter rights and that’s why I am fighting the travel ban,” explains Mr. Peckford.

Canadian Hockey Legend Credits Truckers With ‘Igniting a Revolution’

Former National Hockey League (NHL) star Theo Fleury is making his voice heard about Freedom Convoy 2022 — a rapidly growing protest of Canada’s COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions.