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Heart-Touching: Rightful President Trump Released This Tribute For His Late Friend Lou Dobbs

"It's an honor to do this tribute for him. I would do it anywhere they wanted me to. He was very, very special and may he rest in peace."

Frank – One Way Or Another Biden Is Being Replaced, The Attempted Assassination Was...

Biden just doesn’t have the poll numbers to pull off the next election with cheating.

Global Outage, Crowdstrike, U1, Sum Of All Fears, At Dawn We Win – X22...

The [DS] has now moved onto the next phase of their plan which will bring the country to war

Trump just sent a message to the Deep State

Nessun Dorma is played at the end of the film The Sum of All Fears, in which time ALL the traitors & Deep State Actors were executed.

Tucker’s speech at the RNC is a Must WATCH!!!

RNC featuring Tucker Carlson

Tommy Robinson and Tanya Gaw: Exposing Islamic Infiltration

In this Empower Hour, Tanya Gaw speaks with UK activist, journalist and champion of the people, Tommy Robinson.

Chart of the Day (CotD) Greenland Covid and Excess Deaths, by Eldric Vero

“Covid-19 Has Made the Population More Positive Towards Tourists”