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Chart of the Day (CotD) Italy Covid and Excess Deaths, by Eldric Vero

“Italy used 2 Million Covid jabs this winter. It’s locked into buying 40 Million more”

Editorial: Security report alleges treason by some politicians – by Maxime Bernier

Traitors who conspire with foreign countries, in particular China and India, to undermine our democracy and our security.

[DS] Tries To Shift Tactics, Red Line, Antifa Activated, Enemy Combatants, Justice – X22...

The [DS] are trapped, they do not have the Fani Willis and Jack Smith cases, they are pushed off until after the election, they have nothing to keep Trump busy

Jack Smith is about to lose his case against Trump because of this judge’s...

Special Counsel Jack Smith is skating on thin ice. It could be game over for him.

Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, And The Erasure Of Democracy In Canada, by Brad Salzberg

Media in our country refuse to draw a direct line between Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, China and the erosion of democracy in Canada.

We Are Way Ahead of the Government Bird Flu Narrative at the Moment

We Are Way Ahead of the Government Bird Flu Narrative at the Moment: Dr. McCullough with historian John Leake

The most important film of all time – ‘The End Of Humanity’

The official agenda of the elites to end the human race, and replace mankind with robots.

Dr. Phil: My one on one interview with President Donald Trump

Dr. Phil sits down with President Trump for a one-on-one interview where nothing is off limits.