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UnPlanned: What She Saw Changed Everything

"Unplanned" is a powerful new blockbuster film that chronicles the life of Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director whose life and career were turned upside-down by what she saw one day in her clinic

As Trudeau & McKenna Push Climate Fear-Mongering, Ontario Liberal MPs Secretly Rate Environment As...

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna continue to push desperate climate fear-mongering, trying to make Canadians think that our nation will be destroyed if we don’t support the carbon tax

Kevin Johnston ordered to pay $2.5M for ‘hateful, Islamophobic’ remarks against restaurant chain owner

Kevin Johnston's behaviour and comments to Mohamad Fakih called 'horrific' by judge

BREAKING NEWS: York Regional Police Arrest Father & Son For Possession Of Explosive Materials...

Authorities found explosive devices and a detonator at their Richmond Hill residence.

President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing White House (Video and Transcript)…

We’ve been losing, for many years, anywhere from $300 billion to $500 billion a year with China and trade with China. We can’t let that happen.

Barr Appoints US Attorney to Investigate Govt Spying on Trump Campaign

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) praised Barr’s choice of Durham as special prosecutor.

School District in Washington State Caught Giving Muslim Students “Special Privileges” and Teaching Lessons...

CAIR also suggested that teachers greet students in Arabic (Islamic supremacy) as part of the Ramadan policy

Kenney To Axe Carbon Tax By End Of Month

by Spencer Fernando May 13, 2019 Also considering court challenge. The Alberta Carbon Tax will be eliminated by May 30th says Premier Jason Kenney. The new government is...

CONFIRMED: Google Gives Left-Wing Websites Preference Over Conservative Ones, Audit Finds

Google is one of the largest traffic drivers for news websites and, according to the Columbia Journalist Review, its influence is growing as Facebook’s traffic referrals decline.

Is America Ready For John Bolton’s War With Iran?

The USS Abraham Lincoln battle group had deployed a month ago from its Norfolk, Virginia, home port and was recently engaged in maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea