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Bitcoin Ben – The Future Is The Blockchain, Bitcoin Going To $100,000, [CB] Cannot...

Ben discusses how everything is about to change.

Hunter Indicted, Think Subpoena, Queen Protects the King, Think [MO] – X22 Report

The [DS] is panicking over [HB], they don't want him to testify behind closed doors

Three years ago, a reader caught my attention with a comment about viruses, by...

“Oh, you can’t come in here, are you kidding? This is a high-security lab. Only certified professionals can enter. We’re dealing with viruses. Off limits to you and all civilians

Bill Holter – The [CB] System Is Coming Down, Controlled Demolition, Expect Events To...

Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals

Pro-COVID Vaccine Mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante, Collapses During Interview

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante was a fierce proponent of the COVID jab and publicly received at least two shots on camera in efforts to show citizens the jab was safe

Canada’s Woke War Against Traditional Religious Holidays, by Brad Salzberg

“Discrimination against religious minorities in Canada is grounded in Canada’s history of colonialism. An obvious example is statutory holidays in Canada.”

Chart of the Day (CotD) South Korea Covid and Excess Deaths, Eldric Vero

This CotD was inspired by two recent articles

Ep. 46 The Alex Jones Interview on Tucker on X

The Alex Jones Interview

Plan Direction Confirmed, On Track, Optics Are Important, Objective [End]:Checkmate King – X22 Report

The [DS] is following the path the patriots have laid out, the [DS] is getting ready to have a change of batter, Trump believes they will

Canadian Government and Media Colluded to ‘Instill Fear,’ Coerce Citizens Into Taking Vaccines: Report

The 5,000-page report detailed how the COVID-19 response by the government was vastly irresponsible, unscientific, and against basic human rights.