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WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing

Two key memorandums from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, prove WHO has intentionally created the three-shot killer vaccine that people in the USA and other countries could soon be forced to take.

Italian Explosives Expert: The Beirut Blast’s Massive Red Cloud is Indicative of Lithium Metal...

Coppe believes the red plume is a sign of lithium metal used as a propellant in military missiles.

The future – The Ant and The Grasshopper!!

A Grasshopper frolicked while an Ant stored food for the winter. When winter came the Ant was comfortable; the Grasshopper not so.

It Has Begun, The People Will Now See A Different Economy, A Peoples Economy...

Marker, Watch The Water, Elections Secured, [DS] Plan Failed

Kristallnacht by Wayne Allyn Root

Seattle Riots July 2020 Photo by Kelly Kline Wayne Allyn Root is a bestselling author   by Wayne Allyn Root August 9, 2020 Pulling down statutes is just another...

John Paul Rice : Pedophilia Coverup by Amazon, plus exposing Hollywood

Hollywood film producer exposes pedophilia and how rampant it is all over the earth. The Media is also involved...

EXCLUSIVE: Killer Cuomo Not Only Murdered Thousands of Elderly In Homes, He Also Targeted...

The GNYHA gave to the Democrats an unheard of $3 million in the 2018 election cycle. Of this, Cuomo and his state party committee received close to $2.3m from various hospitals and nursing home industry donors. Governor Cuomo returned the favor with his directive forcing COVID-19 patients back into elderly homes.

How I assembled The Matrix Revealed: The Key Symbol, by Jon Rappoport

The key was handed to me by a colleague and friend.

OUTRAGEOUS: Husband of Nasty Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Who Accused AG Barr of Murder,...

One of the nastiest House Representatives in last week’s disgusting lambasting of Attorney General Bill Barr was Florida’s Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Dr. Kirk Elliott PHD Economist The Economy In Crisis – Dustin Nemos

Dr. Kirk Elliot joins Dustin Nemos in discussion of The Economy In Crisis and How to Save Your Retirement ...
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