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Ascending: Legacy Media Spotlight Propels QAnon Movement

Over the course of the last week, the cultural and political phenomenon known as the QAnon Movement has been categorically attacked by nearly every major legacy media organization in the US in what appears to be a coordinated effort to mischaracterize and discredit it in rapid succession

DISGUSTING: Victoria Removes John A. Macdonald Statue

The radical left is attempting to destroy Canadian History

Report: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Personally Made Decision to Ban Alex Jones

Citing sources from inside Facebook, The New York Times reported on the process that led to Jones’ suspension

Rachel Notley fed up with federal NDP leader Singh’s anti-pipeline, ‘elitist’ views

Alberta’s NDP Premier Rachel Notley has all but declared war with federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

Megaphone diplomacy results in bigtime Saudi screw-up with Dave and Jay (Video)

The consequences of distracted diplomacy through Twitter leaves Canada at a standoff with Saudi Arabia

WTH!!! The World MUST SEE What CNN Just Got Caught Doing!!!

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After banning Alex Jones, tech giants now pushed to ban all “climate deniers,” targeting...

The great social media purge of 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down: Now that Alex Jones has been banned, the left-wing is on a power trip — and they’re already demanding more censorship

MYSTERY as DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock,...

This is very interesting. A stealth DOJ flight into Little Rock and then back to Virginia … or would have been stealth if it were up to the mainstream media

Shingles Vaccine Has Been Reported to Cause Shingles Virus

Many of us have vivid memories of our childhood encounter with chickenpox. The constant itching, fever, and fatigue left us pouting in our beds when we’d rather have been outside playing with our friends

Doug Ford Announces $25 Million To Fight Crime

While other politicians talk about a handgun ban that would only punish law-abiding Canadian gun owners without stopping crime, Doug Ford is pledging $25 million to actually focus on stopping gang and gun crime