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C3RF – Deborah Weiss – Make No Mistake About It!

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms presented a dynamic conference on September 10, 2017 on Motion M-103. Deborah Weiss was one of the many excellent presenters,

NATIONAL UNITY RISK: Trudeau Is Dangerously Dividing Canada For His Own Political Benefit

Instead of working to bring Canadians together by supporting industries all across our country, Trudeau plays regional favourites, punishing Western Canada while bending over backwards for Bombardier

Photo of a Dead Stephen Paddock? – LVMPD Leaked Intel- Stephen Pollack Was an...

The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals and supplying arms to ISIS terrorists within U.S. borders

Smart Meter Fire Safety Report Ignored by BC Government & Media

Why doesn’t your MLA or the MEDIA care about the threat smart meters pose to your life?

Late-Night Hosts Ignore Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal. Could it be?

  by JEROME HUDSON October 6, 2017 The parade of liberal late-night TV hosts — including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and James Corden — flat-out ignored Thursday the blistering New...

Saskatchewan Premier Blasts Feds in defense of Western Canada over Energy East Cancellation!

TransCanada made the decision to cancel Energy East – but make no mistake, the reasons for it fall at the feet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal government

Clinton’s many crimes in less than 10 minutes (Video)

Talk about a Deadly Connection! So many names, so many bodies, and they all connect! Its called Connecting the dots...

BREAKING: Law enforcement says Las Vegas shooter “did not act alone” … new details

Now, Sheriff Lombardo echoes that very story in saying, “Maybe he was a superhuman who figured this out all on his own but it would be hard for me to believe that.”

WATCH: Indigenous Activists Call Out Trudeau For His Empty Words

More and more Canadians are realizing that there’s zero connection between what Trudeau says and what he actually does

Shots fired at Vegas Bellagio same night as concert attack? YouTube took down the...

By Jon Rappoport NoMoreFakeNews.com October 5, 2017  . Yesterday, I posted a video reporting shots fired through the front door of the Vegas Bellagio Hotel on the night...