No one asked for it, voted for it, or approved it. Justin Trudeau just went ahead and did it— just as Pierre Trudeau did with Multiculturalism.

by Brad Salzberg 

August 5, 2023

Which descriptive words best encapsulate the political power-play coming in the form of systemic LGBT indoctrination within Canadian society?

Obstinate. Irrepressible. Sanctimonious. How a cabal of LGBT advocates came to capture Canadian society is a question which should be front-and-centre among our citizenship.

It isn’t, and as to why, it’s mainly down to media. Of course, the press in Canada wouldn’t so vehemently support LGBT propaganda if not for government vigilance.

In PM Justin Trudeau’s Canada– that of the self-declared “post-modern” model, our press fully support ideological weaponry being advanced by our federal government.

Not that it should come as a surprise– the Liberals are paying CBC, CTV and the rest to work their will. As such, “Pride” and its various permutations have taken centre stage in the woke circus act currently dominating Canadian society.

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