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The Silent War: Impasse Between Patriots & Communists – What Comes Next? Dustin Nemos

The Communists are inviting hordes of illegal foreign invaders through our borders - and even flying in their family to join them at the taxpayers expense.

Woke Revolution In Canada Pushing White Canadians To Second Class Status, by Brad Saltzberg

Woke warriors see Canada as more racist than racialized Canadians themselves.

Bitcoin Ben – We Are Witnessing The Birth Of A New America, [DS] Is...

Ben discusses how everything is about to change. We are now entering into a new currency system and the [CB] needs to stop it at all costs.

Farcical Iran Election Poses Problem for Farcical United Nations, by Harvey Oberfeld

So what’s the United Nations’ Human Rights Organization going to do now? How will the United Nations’ International Court of Justice react?

Widespread support for voter ID and making early voting easier: national poll

Amid plenty of partisan rancor over election integrity and voter suppression, a new national poll indicates that most Americans support requiring voter identification to cast a ballot and easier access to early voting.

While Congress Is Away, The eMonth Of August Is Traditionally A Really Hot Month

The patriots are ready for the offensive. Everything is coming together all at once. The month of August is typically a hot month, but...

Pardon My Woo – Explorers’ Guide To Scifi World

vaxxx War Elites Spikes Reaction

Covid – How To Save The World, In Three Easy Steps. Brett Weinstein Dr....

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology. Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been…

Dr. Hoffe reprimanded with loss of 50% of income for asking questions re COVID-19...

A couple weeks ago I caught up with Dr. Hoffe to get an update on his situation. This is the FULL version for our social media friends only.

Georgia Investigator’s Notes Detail ‘Massive’ Issues During 2020 Election

Newly published notes jotted down by an election monitor detail a slew of issues witnessed in Georgia’s largest county during the 2020 election.
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