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Trudeau, Corruption, Propaganda, SNC Lavalin, and OECD. Spencer Fernando – March 12, 2019

Jim Goddard of the Talk Digital Network talks with journalist Spencer Fernando, delving into the Trudeau SNC-Lavalin scandal and much more 

Is a Cell Tower Causing Cancer In School Children?

“I wouldn’t send my kids there at all, it absolutely is dangerous,” Windheim told CBS. “Children are still developing and their cells are still being divided. It’s the worst possible time in their life to be exposed.”

The rise of the Republic of the Northwest

(Sunrise over Calgary - Getty Images) David J. Bercuson and Barry Cooper imagine a future where western territories have split from Canada to escape the...

DISGUSTING: Trudeau Liberal Cover-Up In Full Force As They SHUT DOWN Justice Committee

by Spencer Fernando March 13, 2019 The Conservatives and NDP wanted to give Jody Wilson-Raybould the chance to speak freely without any privilege being imposed on...

Michael Easton & Dustin Nemos on Justin Trudeau and the SNC-Lavalin Scandal!

https://youtu.be/gNhZlC-15C4 Dustin Nemos2 Published on 12 Mar 2019 SUBSCRIBED 92K Easton talks about the latest in the Trudeau - SNC-Lavalin Scandal Bestselling Book Attacked by MSM: https://www.amazon.com/QAnon-Invitati... Buy C60 & More:...

This Clinton Foundation Scandal Is Larger than Uranium One – Covered Up by FBI/DOJ...

by Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit March 11, 2019 A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic...

MASSIVE NEWS! Climate Fraud, ATTEMPT ON POTUS? To Trigger WW3 – Dustin Nemos

https://youtu.be/FsRLn_HDV7M   Dustin Nemos2 Published on 10 Mar 2019 SUBSCRIBED 91K Bestselling Book Attacked by MSM: https://www.amazon.com/QAnon-Invitati... Buy C60 & More: https://www.apexhealth.club/shop/    

Rebel uncovers where terrorist Omar Khadr hid $3M of his ill-gotten payout

Omar Khadr, the Canadian-born son of al-Qaeda royalty who killed US Army medic Christopher Speer and maimed soldier Layne Morris while fighting for enemy forces in Afghanistan, was never repentant

EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau illegally hides dealings with George Soros

Ezra Levant of The Rebel.media reports on the Trudeau government hiding their dealing with billionaire globalist George Soros

BOOM! President Trump Lashes Out at “Wacky Nut Job” Ann Coulter on Border Wall...

by Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit March 9, 2019 After months of attacks President Trump responded to Ann Coulter on Saturday on border wall construction. It would probably...