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ContraLand – Child sex trafficking expose’ documentary

Child sex trafficking expose' documentary, Contraland, filmed by the Veterans of non-profit organization Veterans For Child Rescue

Acts of Treason : The crime that dare not speak its name.

“This was all Obama. This was all Biden. These people were corrupt. The whole thing was corrupt. And we caught them. We caught them.” - Trump.

Q Calls Out The CIA Control Of Mainstream Media – Dustin Nemos

This is your look into the silent war going on behind the scenes.

FBI Director Christopher Wray orders internal review of Michael Flynn investigation

FBI Director Christopher Wray made the call as he faces increased pressure from Republicans, who say he has been too resistant to disclosing secrets about the Trump-Russia investigation that they believe unfairly targeted President Trump and the people around him.

OMG! Feckless Clown Dr. Fauci NOW SAYS Staying Closed Too Long Could Cause “Irreparable...

** Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the ENTIRE US ECONOMY.

All Free World Nations must support each other in the upcoming fight against China...

Thanks to China All Free World Nations are now in serious danger of a literal “Deep Depression” that could very well take up to a generation to recover

FINALLY! Amy Klobuchar Admits Miracle Drug Hydroxychloroquine Saved Her Husband’s Life (VIDEO)

Ever since President Trump praised the miracle drug hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of the China Coronavirus the media has been on a jihad against the drug.

FUREY: Why are we still in lockdown?

The original rationale for the lockdown was to not overwhelm the hospitals. That's been accomplished – so why are we still in lockdown?

Joe Biden listed as criminal suspect in Ukrainian Court

A Ukrainian court has listed presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden as a possible criminal suspect.

US Supreme Court Has Ruled that Forced Vaccines Are Constitutional

Attorney Alan Dershowitz says we have no Constitutional protection against being forcibly vaccinated because no one has a right to spread a deadly disease