Nigel Farage: French Election Aftermath…

The Nigel Farage Show: French Election Aftermath

Obama Praises Islam! says, America Is No Longer A Christian Nation!? (Video)

Worst of all, Obama left a power vacuum in the Middle East that gave rise to ISIS. The rise in Islamic terrorism across the world in Obama’s wake is alarming!

‘Britain First’ confronts ‘Ramsgate Rapists’ outside court house! Part Two…

A 16 year old English girl walked into a pizza outlet in Ramsgate, Kent, and was dragged upstairs and gang raped by four Muslims

The Truth About Emmanuel Macron, A Rothschild Banker and a Nasty little Globalist!

This effete manlet may look like a complete pussy, but he's a nasty little globalist.

‘Globalism At It’s Worst’ Dr. Ron Paul Condemns So-Called ‘Pre-Emptive War’

Entangling Alliances ... "Red Lines" ... "Fighting them there instead of here" ... The military-industrial-complex has come up with every excuse in the book to keep their perpetual wars going. Ron Paul talks about the Empire's playbook, today on Myth-Busters!

Are We Being Sold Out? Globalist Trudeau begs China for cheap labourers to fill...

Justin said it himself: He admires China and it's "basic dictatorship." It's consistent with his strange obsession with Communist tyrants

President Trump’s shake up at the UN: Others talk, U.S. acts: Brian Lilley

We keep hearing mainstream media claims that as of 100 days in the Oval Office, Trump had accomplished nothing. I disagreed with that and did my own top five list but I’m starting to think the President’s best move so far might be shaking up the chummy club that is the U.N.

Disloyal Trudeau Lies About Conservatives To Foreign Press Outlet

Speaking to Bloomberg, Trudeau tried to further ingratiate himself with the globalist elites by casting his government as the defence against populism and nationalism – as if those are supposed to be bad things – by implementing policies that allayed those “fears.”

Easton Spectator joins talk show host Jim Goddard on the Goddard Report

he Goddard Report with host Jim Goddard

Breaking: Berkeley Mayor Told Local Police to Stand Down So Conservatives Could Get Pummeled...

Berkeley officials called off police officers so Antifa terrorists could unleash their wrath on conservatives this year