by Brad Salzberg


August 6, 2022

Like most, Cultural Action Party enjoy games. We think everyone should play this one: you show us a fundamental of Canadian identity, and we will show you a symbol of society under attack.

Canada has been playing this game consistently since October 19th, 2015–  the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister. It is also the day a poorly understood form of cultural assault began to pervade society.

Spearheaded by our prime minister, attacks on Canadiana began to proliferate. “Canada is a racist country” says Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. “Ours is a genocidal nation” says New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Our entire social system is based upon bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia, say woke social justice warriors. Unfortunately, none of the accusations has brought out collective disdain from Canada’s “silent majority.”

Could this change now that the liberal left are attacking our nation’s holiest of holies? CAP speak of the sacrosanct– a Canadian institution known as the sport of hockey.

An article published this week by the Globe and Mail paints the portrait:

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