Another Liberal Government Bites The Dust After NB Libs Lose Confidence Vote

Yet another Liberal government has fallen

How CNN boss Jeff Zucker helped elect a US president and a governor of...

One thing you have to understand about Mr. Zucker. What he does, he does for show. For ratings. If he could get away with claiming Trump met with Putin on the dark side of the moon to concoct a way to beat Hillary Clinton, he would run with it. If he could get away with claiming Arnold Schwarzenegger was the love child of Joseph Stalin and Greta Garbo, he would lead the evening newscast with it

O’Keefe strikes again! On Wednesday evening, O’Keefe released an undercover video of Democrat Gov....

Project Veritas has been focusing on the midterms by targeting Democrat candidates with its new series dubbed ‘Secrets and Lies.’

EXCLUSIVE… Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman: Woman Accusing Mueller of Rape is ‘Credible,’ ‘Vetted,’ Media...

In an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit, journalist and founder of Sure Fire Intelligence Jacob Wohl and Washington DC based attorney Jack Burkman debunked media reports claiming they paid women to accuse Mueller, the special counsel tasked with investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, of sexual assault

Spencer Fernando talks about Maxime Bernier with Jim Goddard

Stats Canada Gathering Your Financial Data...

Armed Migrants in Caravan Opened Fire on Mexican Cops, Say Authorities

by Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby October 30, 2018 Mexican authorities arrested two Hondurans who allegedly shot at federal police officers escorting the migrant caravan across the...

Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson still bills more than $100,000 a year in expenses

Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson is still billing Canadian taxpayers more than $100,000 a year in office expenses, and has now claimed more than $1.1 million in such expenses since she left Rideau Hall in 2005

CREEPY: Trudeau Supports Stats Canada Taking Our Banking Info Without Our Permission

by Spencer Fernando October 30, 2018 A Canadian leader is supposed to stand up for the Canadian People. Instead – as always – Justin Trudeau stood...

Caravan, Trump, Hillary and Voter Fraud with Michael Rivero

Shootings, Bombs, Steel, and Polls

‘Horrifying’ marijuana sales in British Columbia a wake-up call for regulators

By Matt Lamers October 26, 2018 British Columbia’s dismal cannabis sales in the opening hours of legalization should be seen by provincial and federal regulators as a...
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