by Dr. William Makis MD

September 27, 2022

PILOT Incident: Austrian A320 near Vienna on Sep 24th 2023, captain temporarily incapacitated

By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Sep 26th 2023 08:06Z

An Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration OE-LZA performing flight OS-188 from Stuttgart (Germany) to Vienna (Austria), was enroute at 310 nearing the top of descent towards Vienna when the captain started to feel unwell.

While descending towards Vienna the captain became incapacitated, the first officer took control of the aircraft, continued the descent towards Vienna and intercepted the localizer for runway 34. Upon intercepting the glidepath the captain recovered and was able to resume his duties. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 34.

Pilot incapacitations & deaths in Aug-Sep 2023

Sep.23, 2023 – Alaska Airlines Pilot – 37 year old Captain Eric McRae died suddenly in his hotel room during layover, was to fly that morning

Aug.27, 2023 – Air Canada Flight AC348 (YVR-YOW) Vancouver to Ottawa, one of the pilots felt ill and became incapacitated 50 min before landing in Ottawa.

Aug.17, 2023 – IndiGo Flight (NAG-PNQ) Nagpur to Pune, India, pilot 40 year old Manoj Subramanium died after collapsing at the boarding gate, about to board.

Aug.16, 2023 – Qatar Airways Flight QR579 (DEL-DOH) Delhi to Doha, Qatar, 51 year old pilot collapsed as a passenger inflight and died, plane diverted to Dubai.

Aug.14, 2023 – LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) Miami to Santiago, Chile – 2 hours into 8hr flight, 56 year old Captain Ivan Andaur collapsed and died in the lavatory – plane diverted to Panama City!

Aug.9, 2023 – United Airlines UAL1309 (SRQ-EWR) Sarasota to Newark, pilot had a heart attack and lost consciousness in flight

Aug.7, 2023 – TigerAIR Flight IT237 (CTS-TPE) Sapporo to Taipei, copilot had a medical emergency after landing plane in Taipei…