by Aaron D’Andrea

Global News

September 26, 2023

House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota has resigned amid international controversy over his recognition of a Ukrainian war veteran who fought in a Nazi unit.

Rota announced his resignation in the House of Commons Tuesday afternoon. His resignation takes effect at the end of business day Wednesday, he added.

“I must step down as your Speaker,” he said. “I reiterate my profound regret”

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  1. 1 down, 337 to go.

    Remember: ALL 338 cheered this veteran on, full standing ovation, applause, the works. The man’s name had not even been announced yet, and they were pre-cheering him. That comes across as rather odd that anyone would pre-cheer a complete unknown. I know I wouldn’t. I would have preferred to (at least) hear a name. That kinda telegraphs that yes, they did know who would be entering the chambers of the House of Idiots. Now, it’s all finger-pointing and damage control, while most of them pretend they did not know. Their initial response to the guy proves they DID know.

    They are playing you. They were ALL in on it and the entire event is now alongside the India debacle and the trucker convoy debacle as the greatest embarrassments Canuckistan has had to endure, courtesy of out empty-headed overseers who are obsessed with taking their paycheque from foreigners to destroy this former nation.

    To quote someone from Nfld who was trying to organize a fundraiser event for the PPC, he said something rather interesting.

    David Drover:
    “Pay attention @HasanHaiNL and your BFF @SeamusORegan you did this to the PPC party in Nfld during the 2019 election commencing in June 2019 with this hit piece by Hasan – a former failed provincial liberal candidate for the same riding as Seamus!! This caused the PPC party to cancel its nfld fundraiser at the Woodstock colonial Inn because it started a boycott against the restaurant and the workers to be harassed!! And caused the PPC candidates and their respective EDAs to resign … I know this because I was one of the PPC candidates and the one organizing the PPC fundraiser at the Woodstock!!! And the only being called a racist, bigot and Neo-Nazi in my former home town where I grew up!! It’s taken a few years but now the truth comes out as the pendulum has gone the other way and runs out you both were projecting on the PPC what you both actually are!! #shamless”

    …More like #shamful, since they are nothing BUT a sham.

  2. SHAME ON EVERYONE OF THEM!! I say that they should all be gone, not just Anthony Rota, and especially Justin Trudeau. I just can’t believe that we have allowed those idiots to do what they have done to our country. Wow!