by Eldric Vero

September 25, 2023

This is an update of the April 10, 2023 CotD for British Columbia (BC) Covid-19 cumulative vaccines and related deaths.  The BC vaccination program began in January 2021 with limited impact on the Covid Related Death (CRD) rate.  Note that the CRD rate (i.e. slope of the green line) has essentially remained constant for the past 2 years. The CRD rate should have levelled-off in a mirror-like fashion relative to the vaccine curves if these vaccines were safe and effective.  In addition, since July 9, 2022 (the last useful BC CDC epidemiology report), 1970 BC citizens have died a CRD as per Health Canada statistics.  Based on this BC CDC epidemiology report, 90 percent or 1773 of these deaths are attributed to vaccinated individuals.

Remember, as per Health Canada : “Evidence indicates that vaccines and boosters are effective at helping to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. Evidence indicates that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines continue to outweigh the risks of the disease. Receiving an mRNA booster dose provides even better protection.”     Do you think the data supports these claims by Health Canada?

From the CotD archives:

Chart of the Day (CotD)    July 15, 2022

This is the BC CDC Covid-19 recent report on “health outcomes by vaccination status” for the period May 15 to July 9, 2022.   Real meaningful epidemiology reporting via the BC CDC ceased back in July 2022.   This data and Vax Donut charts are no longer available on the website.

Note (1) “Cases” were estimated based on historical average since the BC CDC stopped reporting this data set (no reason given) as of June 18th

Comments: In BC, 86.75 percent of the population is Covid-19 vaccinated ; unvaccinated represent 13.25 percent of the population. Note how the health outcomes generally mirror these percentages as per line Data Set Portion (%).


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  1. There were ZERO excess deaths in BC in 2020 in fact there were LESS deaths than the previous five year average. Check out for yourself on the BC Centre for Disease Control web site. There was no “pandemic” in 2020 and Bonnie Henry knew it and so did Theresa Tam. Which begs the question…if there was no pandemic why did we need experimental shots? Mandating those shots was criminal. The people that inflicted this on society need to be held accountable and they will be mark my words.