The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts...

This is the story of a town called Douma ... and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western world’s most powerful nations to bomb Syria last week

Toronto Terrorism, Syria, Pipeline Leaks and Poop…. Michael Rivero This Week

DNC Lawsuit, Dossier, Globalists, and Pesticides

BREAKING: Toronto Attack Suspect Identified As Alek Minassian


California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed

California is about to implement new abortion- and homosexualty-promoting sex education lessons, and one school district has told parents they have no choice but to expose their children to them

‘Dictator Pope’ Francis Is A Bad Jesuit Peronist Politician: Henry Sire

Historian H. J. A. Sire speaks to the 'National Catholic Register' about his book 'The Dictator Pope - The Inside Story of the Francis Papacy

MP Punished after Voting for Conscience and Constituents

Imagine a country where those who call for fairness are punished. Imagine a land where you are publicly shamed if you ask that everyone’s rights be respected. Well imagine no more, for this is Justin Trudeau’s Canada!

A match made in Hell: Monsanto-Bayer merger gets the green light… farmers are worried,...

As hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto for personal injury and wrongful death move forward, German pharmaceutical company Bayer has been given the green light to acquire Monsanto in a deal surpassing $60 billion

California Pushes Bill That Appears To Ban Sale of Bibles (Video)

A new California pro-LGBTQ bill that would ban the sale or distribution of materials related to “conversion therapy” easily passed the state’s assembly on Thursday

NAZI Roots of ‘Green’ Globalist Movement (Video)

Rupert Darwall and Ben Weingarten discuss Darwall’s new book ‘Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex’ and a series of topics including the Nazi roots of the modern environmentalist movement, Sweden’s environmentalist power grab, the anti-capitalist underpinnings of the environmentalist movement, the links between the acid rain fraud and today’s global warming movement, why the Paris climate accord represent a battle for America’s soul and much more