by Byron Christopher


April 22, 2024

Correct. This is the weirdest blog story I’ve ever written.

Within weeks, I’ve gone from being a healthy 74-year-old to someone who struggles to get out of bed.

It takes me ten minutes to sit on the edge of my bed. My day is now full of these silly challenges.

The next goal is to stand. This will end in one of two ways: I will either stand or I will fall backwards on a soft mattress with a pain level of level 7.

But I do not give up. And so I try again. Unfortunately, some attempts end in failure. I now lay on my bed, exhausted, struggling to breathe. I still give it another go. Silly me. Another fail. Lesson learned. I am no longer a tough guy. LOL.

I am now very grateful for simple things like walking sticks and walkers. 

An aside: I will never again laugh at cute ‘seniors’ jokes. They’re not funny anymore.

The truth is, I can barely stand or walk — even with the help of painkillers and aids.

Another aside: There’s another side to morphine and other painkillers. These drugs can be addictive, they are poisonous … and they can give one a false sense of security. I found that out after several “face pants.”

This is like something out of an old black-and-white Twilight Zone movie, right? 

It probably took you mere seconds to read this introduction. It took five hours to write it. Read that again.

That’s the preamble. Now, onto my story. I must press on as I do not know when the painkiller magic will end. Sorry, once a journalist, always a journalist. Another LOL.