by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

April 23, 2024

Boy It’s Really Getting Strange /Scary Out There. C’est Le Silence !!

Like The Times Colonist Newspaper (Victoria , British Columbia , Canada) will not respond to my rebuttal several weeks ago to their article on vaccines . ‘One time ‘ they would carry my articles. What’s up? I thought the fourth estate was all about robust debate.

The new Leader of the BC Conservative Party has not answered my two e-mails to him , one last fall and the other in the last few weeks .  Last fall I wrote him recommending that he criticize the Minister of Health and the Premier on vaccine and health policy not the Public Health Officer . As a seasoned politician (?) he should know the PHO reports to the Minister and the Premier and it is they who report to the Legislature and the people. Criticize them!!

Then there was/is Pierre Poilievre, leader of his majesty’s  opposition in the Federal Parliament,  who refuses to answer any of my e-mails sent to his parliamentary office. I wanted to know if he would propose an amendment to the Conflict of Interest Act whereby the loophole would be closed allowing MP’s who break the law and continue to serve in the Parliament. Right now the PM has broken the Conflict of Interest law 5 times and still serves in the Parliament. I mean if he likes to go around Canada preaching accountability and transparency perhaps the best place to start is with the MP’s like himself , first —-and while he’s at it perhaps he could see to it that his Party publishes on the Party’s website the annual audited statements of his Party.

So there you have it———Press, Provincial , and Federal. And I could go on!!!

We are being badly served even by those who are not in power ——and two of them, the polls say , will soon be in power.



  1. So why isn’t Bernier taking up the cause? What does he have to lose? It’s not like his present course of action is having any results.

    The CPC was responsible for allowing the Canadian media to be controlled by a handful of corporations. They allowed all of the consolidation that lead to the massive censorship that started in 2020. David Thomson, Canada’s richest individual is as responsible for the destruction of democracy in Canada and throughout the world through his ownership of Reuters and the Globe and Mail. Nobody ever mentions him? Why?