by Eldric Vero

April 22, 2024

This presentation was inspired by a recent substack article from Dr. Jessica Rose entitled “36 million dollars set aside for vaccine injuries for the next 2 years in Canada” (see link: ). From the article : “In addition to the vaccine injuries allocation of Canadian taxpayer dollars, the first thing I noticed is in the ‘Housing Accelerator Agreements’ section on page 46, Table 1.1. I am not sure why these particular numbers caught my eye, but look at the difference in allocation between Ottawa, ON and Victoria, BC. If you break these numbers down by home, each home gets ~5,407.98$ in Ottawa, but only $2,060.77 in Victoria. I guess the building materials in Ottawa are more expensive, eh? You’ll also notice that ‘the Province of Quebec’ gets $900 million bucks with no house number allocated.”

The Canada Fairness for Every Generation Budget 2024 link is here : . As per the Budget 2024 on page 45: In March 2023, the government launched the $4 billion Housing Accelerator Fund to work with municipalities to cut red tape and fast-track the creation of at least 100,000 new homes across Canada. Through 179 agreements signed to date, the government has committed nearly $4 billion to spur the construction of 750,000 new homes across the country over the next decade. Budget 2024 proposes to provide an additional $400 million over four years, starting in 2024-25, to the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation, to top up the Housing Accelerator Fund. This will help fast track 12,000 new homes in the next three years.

The author of the CotD has reviewed the data in Table 1.1 (pages 46 to 48) resulting in the following graphical construct presentations.

Panel 1   This chart presents the Allocated Funds per Province/Territory as per the Federal Funding in Table 1.1 with a total sum of $3.78 Billion.  The author has included the additional Top-Up of $400 Million as stated on page 45 of the Budget 2024 document.


Panel 2   This presents the number of New Homes to be created per Province/Territory plus the Top-Up.  Perusing Table 1.1, one will note that Quebec has no New Homes listed (see page 46).  The author of the CotD has estimated at 63,119 New Homes for Quebec in order to reach the 750,000 New Homes mentioned on page 45.


Panel 3  This chart presents the Average Allocated Funds per New Home.  The total Funds to the Provinces/Territories (excluding Quebec) is $2.88 Billion which works out to $4,188 per New Home.  This compares to $14,259 per New Home in Quebec.  But the real interesting data point is in the New Homes under Top-Up which calculates at $33,333 per New Home.  Two questions…why has Quebec been allocated funds 240 percent over and above the “rest of Canada” average…and… why is the Top-Up New Homes allocated over 6 times the Canadian average?

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