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BOOM! Rep. Ratcliffe Nails Schiff’s Star Witness David Holmes — Shoots Holes in his...

Diplomat David Holmes and Russia analyst and Soros lackey Fiona Hill are testifying this morning.

Quebec Politicians (The Same Ones Who Attack Alberta Energy) Are Panicking As The Province...

Many Quebec politicians enjoyed scoring political points by attacking the Alberta energy industry.

When the villain is Obama, not Trump, news suddenly becomes not worth reporting

So the United States has “the world’s highest rate of children in detention.” Is this worth reporting? Maybe, maybe not

Was Stephen Harper involved in the Ukraine Scandal?

Magi5er @magi5er This can’t be good $7.4 B? To the Dem party from former Ukraine gov? Kickbacks? Were such arrangements also set up for #cdnpoli? Why...

Bigot! Ron MacLean’s wife Cari insults Don Cherry…

Nearly one hundred thousand Canadians have signed our petition to support Don Cherry after he was fired for his “you people” comments on Coach's Corner

Glenn Beck Reveals Bombshell Audio from Ukraine that Repudiates Impeachment Narrative

BlazeTV host Glenn Beck reveals explosive new evidence from Ukraine that unravels the official story behind the accusations that led to the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump

Warrior Against Child Trafficking Arrested by the Deep State!

A real whistleblower who exposed corruption in the airline industry and who now dedicates his life to exposing child trafficking, has been arrested for getting too close to the truth connecting the UkraineGate scandal to Pedogate.

EXCLUSIVE – President Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo battery of...

by Mike Adams November 18, 2019 (Exclusive Natural News report via Alex Jones at InfoWars.com) – The President’s unscheduled stop at the Walter Reed military hospital on Saturday...

Prince Andrew’s efforts to put scandal behind him backfire

The question facing Queen Elizabeth II and her advisers is how to protect the historic institution of the monarchy from the taint of a 21st-century sex-and-trafficking scandal and the repeated missteps of a prince who has been a magnet for bad publicity as he struggles to find a national role for himself