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Nolte: Hurricane Dorian Can’t Save CNN, MSNBC from Losing over Fifth of Audience

In all of cable television, throughout the 24 hour day, Fox News was numero uno for the 34th consecutive week with an average of 1.32 million total day viewers

Joseph Zelezny – Yukon PPC on HoweStreet.com Radio

0% Capital Gains Tax, Natural Resource Development

Acknowledging the Media Bias against the PPC…

Acknowledging the Media Bias

CA Boat Fire/ Lip Reading Cameras/ Gun Control Extremes : Nemos News Network

25 bodies found after California boat fire and still more are missing

WATCH: Bernier Says “We Are Not A Post-National Country,” Wants “Focus On What Unites...

In a new video, Maxime Bernier is emphasizing his focus on “Canadian culture,”and pushing back against the idea of Canada as a “post-national” country that has been pushed by Trudeau.

BREAKING: Boris Johnson & UK Government Lose Vote As Anti-Brexit MPs Block Will Of...

The prime minister said the move would "hand control" of Brexit negotiations to the EU and bring "more dither, more delay, more confusion".

NEW DISASTER PARTY: NDP Shaken As Executive Member & 14 Former Provincial New Brunswick...

The Greens even appear to be catching up to the NDP in the polls, with some surveys even showing the NDP being leapfrogged by the Greens.

Maxime Bernier DESERVES a Voice in Election Debates

Maxime Bernier is no un-elected fringe misfit leading a bunch of kooks.

WATCH: Trudeau Totally Dodges Question On Why He’s Using Communist China Steel Instead Of...

He was also asked whether the US approved the use of Chinese steel in Canada, considering US concerns over illegal steel dumping by the Communist State.

INTERVIEW: Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies

Google whistleblower Zachary Vorhies joined us in this week’s ‘Dig It! Podcast’ to discuss the 950 documents he turned over to the DOJ and Project Veritas.