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“Another slap in the face to Alberta:” Kenney slams Trudeau’s Senate appointment

By Harrison Faulkner True North July 20, 2021 Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed “contempt for democracy” by appointing a Senator to represent Alberta ahead...

Deadly Shots! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison In Covid ‘VACCINE’ – Stew Peters Show

Former Pfizxer Employee Confirms Poison In Covid 'VACCINE'

Public Understanding Of Events Around The Corner, Month Of August Is Traditionally Very Hot...

.The people of this country are at war with the [DS], this is an informational war. The [DS] has been pushing their plan with no interference until Trump came along.

Don’t Talk TV: Vaccine Passports – Nicholas Wansbutter, Lawyer

It seems that one can't listen to or watch the news without hearing something about "vaccine passports"; this is really one of the stories of our lifetime.

The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous – Dr. Robert Malone

https://rumble.com/embed/vhtswl/?pub=4 Rumble — The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous    

The Curious Case of Maxime Bernier

Some people who’ve only been following me for a short time don’t realize that I have been talking about the same principles and policies for more than a decade

Antifa Goons Get Beat Up at “We Are Israel” Rally In SoCal (VIDEO)

Antifa goons brawled and got beat up at a “We Are Israel” rally in El Cajon, California over the weekend where Mike Pompeo spoke.

Auditors Finish Counting Ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County

by Zachary Stieber The Epoch Times July 29, 2021 Auditors in Arizona’s largest county on Wednesday finished a third count of ballots and will shift to compiling a draft report...

CDC/FDA confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus,...

The CDC has issued a document that bulges with interesting and devastating admissions.