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Tamara Lich’s lawyer on The Tucker Carlson Show – Justice Centre Response!!! Update!

Tamara Lich's lawyer, Keith Wilson QC, joins Tucker Carlson to speak on her release after 49 days spent in jail

5th Canadian Doctor Dead After Competing in Triathalon.

5th Canadian Doctor Dead After Competing in Triathalon...

The [DS] Con Is Falling Apart, House Of Cards, News Unlocks, Dots Are Being...

The [DS] house of cards is about to collapse. The con against the American people is now being exposed.

World’s Largest Chem. Producer Is Cutting Ammonia Production, by Keean Bexte

If you thought food shortages were bad now, you haven't seen anything yet, as the world's largest chemical producer plans to cut the production of ammonia (a key ingredient in fertilizers).

BEWARE: Internet Hoaxes Go Viral on Deep State Operative Ray Epps as Media and...

If you are paying attention, the deep state is flooding Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and other social media platforms on government operative Ray Epps.

A Pandemic of the Triple Vaccinated, by Ramesh Thakur

Deborah Birx was the White House Covid-19 response coordinator under President Donald Trump. Jeffrey Tucker recently wrote a brutal takedown of her deliberate misrepresentations of science and data in order to manipulate Trump into going along with her preferred but misguided policy interventions to deal with the Covid outbreak.

Bob Kudla – The [CB] Has Failed In Their Agenda, Gold, Bitcoin & Energy...

Bob is the created and owner of Trade Genius Academy.

Quick hitter: UCLA and the War, by Jon Rappoport

During the last few years of the Vietnam War, I lived near the UCLA campus in Westwood. On some days, driving by it, I could see gaggles of police cars parked there.

How Do You Set A Trap? Who Is The Bait? How Do You Show...

The [DS] has taken the bait every single time. This is not about a 4 year election, this is about saving the country

Estimates Say Trudeau’s Attack On Canadian Farmers Will Cost $48 Billion

In a general sense, the word “attack” indicates a form of organized warfare directed toward a particular entity. In most cases, attacks are something one perpetrates toward an enemy.