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What Exactly Are They Spraying In the Sky? Lionel and Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering...

Look up! What are they spraying? First, don’t call them Chemtrails. If anything, refer to them as Geoengineering. But what are they?

Wexit, Conservatives, PPC, and Antifa. Peter Downing

Official language of Western Canada

Scheer to appoint Liberal floor-crosser as deputy leader

The Western Standard has learned that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will appoint Leona Alleslev as his Deputy Leader tomorrow.

BOMBSHELL: 5G devices exposed as actual beam weapon systems by man who disassembles them...

Anthony Steele from the YouTube channel “ANTHONY STEELE” has been conducting his own independent investigations into LEDs, 5G, and other emerging technologies

Chick-Fil- A put Obama and Hillary supporter Rodney Bullard in charge of the money...

by Geoffrey Grider November 27, 2019 Now the fig leaf is gone and the reality is that the Chick-fil-A Foundation is just another corporate leftist charity that...

PANIC! Attacks are coming from all angles – Dustin Nemos

The Swamp is on notice, and the patriots are dropping info bommbs on the deep state with increasing intensity.

Omar on Qatari payroll? Accused of passing ‘sensitive information to Iran’

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is said to have “passed sensitive information that was relayed to Iran, and received funding by a foreign government, according to a sworn deposition by a Canadian businessman


BY SHAD OLSON The Shad Olson Show Originally Published: July 20, 2019 Previously relegated well beyond the awareness and understanding of the general public, a naturally occurring human...

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chinese spy spills secrets to expose Communist espionage | 60 Minutes Australia

A Chinese spy defects to Australia. His shocking revelations are guaranteed to infuriate Beijing.

New Accuser Speaks At News Conference Detailing Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein : TIME

https://youtu.be/uxEVUlu8u_I TIME 714K subscribers SUBSCRIBE New accuser speaks at news conference detailing relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Subscribe to TIME ►► http://po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the world of entertainment...