European Union MEP Christine Anderson understands the thinking of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canadian media hate that kind of thing.

“You are a disgrace,” the European Union MEP calls out Trudeau to his face during intense speech. She’s right.

by Brad Salzberg

February 24, 2023

The aphorism “silence is golden” has long been a part of the Canadian vernacular. Within the political arena of contemporary politics, the phrase is well applied to European Union MEP Christine Anderson’s current tour of Canada.

Have yet to hear about this one? You’re not alone. Turns out mainstream Canadian media are with full intention working to bury this event in the political sands of time. What makes Ms. Anderson’s appearance one-of-a-kind involves the fact that it takes an “outsider” politician to deliver a message all common sense Canadians should have understood years ago:

“You are a disgrace,” the European Union MEP calls out Trudeau to his face during intense speech.

For Cultural Action Party, it’s a thing of beauty. Because politics in Canada has degenerated into a condition of orthodox woke globalism, you won’t be hearing this message from Canadian Members of Parliament.

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