Christine Anderson tour of Canada…

But of course, don’t you realize PP Really is a member of the WEF and echoes its hatred toward Christine Anderson and her call for Freedom in Democracy, and what’s wrong with that?





  1. Christine Anderson’s crime is words, just like Maxime Bernier, Tamara Lick, Patrick King, Jeremy Mackenzie, me, the list goes on. Trudeau having hurt feelings is treated in a more serious manner than first-degree murder, plundering children, mass rape, the list goes on and this is beyond retarded. This is why Canada is dead and only Canuckistan exists; the empty-headed puppet we call a dictator has been put miles ahead of it’s subjects.

    Anderson had the audacity to call out the dictator for what it truly is. Anywhere else, this would be food for thought. In Canada, that is treated as a capital crime (Revealing state secrets and whatnot). To me, it’s more of a wonder that she actually managed to set foot in the country. It’s also more a wonder that a Trudeau sniper hasn’t already killed her. I wish I was only kidding around regarding this, but she made an enemy out of the establishment by calling Trudeau out for what it is while it’s face was in that meeting. The pact small PP is coming to Trudeau’s defense in such a way is all the proof I need he’s part of the problem, not the solution.

    Sonny is right. All 338 member of the House of Elites cannot be trusted. I would trust Bernier and Anderson light years before any of those self-obsessed, elitist fill-in-the-blanks, and I am not still not 100% sure of Bernier.