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Yes, George Soros was a Nazi collaborator (and now funds Media Matters and other...

George Soros really is a deranged psychopath who lacks normal human emotion and is willing to do ANYTHING to advance his personal agendas

Ontario PCs Have Over 50% Support: Mainstreet Research Poll

Poll says heavy-spending Wynne budget not helping Ontario Liberals

LIVE TOWN HALL: Silicon Valley’s Anti-Conservative Bias & War on Free Speech

truly some in-depth reporting journalism exposing what google, facebook and twitter, as well as Chrome are all about, and its nasty!

More Links Between Brain Cancer and Cell Phones. Sharon Noble

Report finds 47 fires caused by Smart Meters, no government reaction

YouTube shooter identified as left-wing Farsi-speaking VEGAN named Nasim Aghdam; ranted against YouTube for...

Liberal heads are exploding tonight as bizarre facts are now emerging about the YouTube shooter who opened fire, wounding three YouTube employees and killing herself in an attempted murder-suicide

Trump, PUtin, Mueller, Soros and Hillary. Michael Rivero this week

Immigration, Social Media, Web Crime, and Auto Loans

5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control

by Jon Rappoport April 3, 2018 First, two quotes to give a bit of background. 5G speed, for people who must download a whole season of their...

Poll: 77 Percent Believe Traditional Media Guilty of Fake News

A whopping 77 percent of over 800 respondents relayed their distrust for major news organizations in both television and print — a marked increase from the 63 percent that was already skeptical a year ago

Cell tower radiation confirmed to cause cancer in animals

What sets this study apart is the fact that the rats were exposed to levels of radiofrequency radiation that are below the permitted amounts set by the U.S. FCC

Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Attacks ‘March for Our Lives’ With Bombshell Statement

In the case of the Parkland shooting, the gunman involved raised red flags that were bungled by the local sheriff’s office and the FBI. But they’re exactly the kind of government agencies liberals say are more trustworthy than the everyday Americans who make up the NRA
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