“Step-by-step, our Liberal government is working an agenda to convert Canada from democracy to socialist state.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 15, 2023

According to standards for Canadian drivers, there are six basic road sign shapes every person who gets behind-the-wheel must be able to recognize.

If a driver cannot recognize the shapes, chances are high that they will crash their car in an unfortunate accident. Applying the metaphor to contemporary Canadian politics reveals our society’s most poorly understood political concept.

The signs are there, but due to the incremental nature by which they are being applied, our citizenship is unaware of Canada’s pending socio-political crash.

Contingent on a signature to lock-in Justin Trudeau as prime minister until late 2025, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh demanded the Liberal government implement a universal dental care program.

“The Canada Dental Benefit was negotiated as part of a Supply and Confidence Agreement between the Liberals and NDP. Starting with children under 12, the program will cover dental care expenses for families with incomes up to $90,000.”

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