The media reports on vaccine side effects but ignores those who are dying suddenly so the empire of lies can continue.
Dr. William Makis is back to discuss the media lies concerning the Covid-19 shots.
Even though NBC reported that tinnitus is a vaccine side effect they are really actually lying.
Developing tinnitus after getting the jab means the spike protein is penetrating the blood-brain barrier.
It’s not just tinnitus that is being reported as a vaccine side effect.
Tens of thousands of people have reported vertigo, blindness, deafness, and ear pain.
The media always claims these side effects are rare but that is a lie.
Dr. Makis sees the similarities between what is happening to the west and America compared to the life he experienced in communist Czechoslovakia.
Czechoslovakia communists made it illegal to attend Church and Dr. Makis had to be baptized in secret.
As the weaponization of public health continues more and more Christian pastors have been arrested and prosecuted.