“For as long as the Liberals remain in power any attempt at religious equality for Christians doesn’t have a prayer of passing into law.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 14, 2023

Under the auspices our ruling Liberal government, religious equality in Canada has transitioned to a most spurious condition. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks language, a closer look at government behaviour reveals blatant hypocrisy within the ranks.

By all accounts, the Christian religion in Canada is down on it’s luck:

“It’s not the stuff of headlines, Christianity having been tossed into the toxic oppression dungeon by decolonialist studies,” wrote Canadian journalist John Robson in a recent article published by the National Post.

Right. What a shame Canadians aren’t comprehending propaganda techniques being used by government to malign Canadians of European heritage. CAP mention the unmentionable: Anglophone Canadians, Christian Canadians.

As opposed to our lauded Sikh and Muslim communities, Christian Canadians have been systemically transitioned to the doghouse of society.

Colonialists we are. Genocidal, racist, homophobic, xenophobic. These designations have been flavouring Justin Trudeau’s woke globalist recipe book since day one in office.

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