by Brad Saltzberg

July 8, 2021

At the time of the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman  on December 15th, 2017, Mr. Sherman was in the process of being investigated by the Federal Government Lobbying Commission. 

At the centre of these investigations were events such as a Liberal party fundraiser Sherman hosted at his home in August, 2015. The guest of honour at the event was Justin Trudeau, who at this time was the Liberal candidate for prime minister.

The legal issue at hand was whether or not Mr. Sherman had breached the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct. At the time of the deaths, Barry Sherman was the chairman of Apotex Corp, Canada’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. Apotex was an early player in Covid Vaccine development.

According to Maclean’s magazine, Sherman responded to the investigation with a Federal Court challenge in an attempt to dispel the investigation before it had concluded. The situation was unprecedented–- never before in Canada had a person gone to court to derail an active probe by the lobbying commissioner.

In the 3 years and 6 months since the time of the murders, there has not been any indication of potential suspects, or even motivation for this grisly double-murder.

One may well assume there never will be. The association of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with this case is too close for comfort for a police investigation–let alone Canadian media— to deliver any form of detailed information on the killings.

All that remains in conjecture. Within Canadian media, the Trudeau-Sherman connection has been underplayed to a point of non-existence. Yet, there is no denying there had to be some serious stakes at play for a targeted hit of this nature to occur at the Sherman home.

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Could an issue related to the candidacy of Justin Trudeau have been a motive for the murders? Is it possible that a “guilty” verdict against Sherman for breaching the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct would have placed an irreparable black mark upon Canada’s ruling prime minister?

Maybe– and maybe not. After all, no scandal thus far has done so. From SNC Lavalin to the Aga Khan to WE CharityJustin Trudeau— most curiously— always bounces back from any scandal crossing his path.

Despite these spurious incidents— and lack of punitive measures— one point remains clear: because Sherman is dead, Canadians will never know the impact a guilty verdict against billionaire Barry Sherman would have had on Justin Trudeau.

Was career devastation for Trudeau a potential result, and therefore possible motive for the murders? Because this question is hypothetical, neither investigators— nor anyone else— can say for certain.  We do know  that on December 16th, 2017— two years after the murders were reported– the investigation into the murder of billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman came to an end.

Toronto police stated at that time that authorities would continue to investigate. Over three and a half years later, not a single piece of evidence has come to light.

Is it fair to say nothing of the sort ever will? Arguably the biggest cover-up in modern Canadian history, the deaths of Barry & Honey Sherman–- along with a connection to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau–- continue to allude the citizens of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



  1. Not Only Am I Questioning A Connection To Justin Trudeau And The Sherman Murders, I Also Believe There Is A Very Deep Connection Between Justin Trudeau And All These Other Clowns Connected To Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Who Appear To Have A Major Control And Ownership Of Appotex. Why Has Trudeau Prevented Anyone From Discussing Anything About On The Internet And Everywhere Else.

    The Covid-19 Vaccine. They Discovered That The Spike Protein Is A Pathogenic Protein, It Is A Toxin. It Can Cause Damage In Our Body If It Gets Into Circulation. ”
    Dr. Byram Bridle, A Viral Immunologist & Associate Professor At The University Of Guelph Ont, Ca. “We’ve Made A Big Mistake” Why Do The People Of Canada Not Know About This? I Believe This Is Connected To The Sherman Murders.

  2. I believe it was to prevent the dispersement of the cheap cure alls (Ivermectin, Hydrochloroquine) for the flu aka corona virus. A way of gaining control of their opposition. Yes, Trudeau is part of “they’. This globalists phony plandemic was planned long ago to initiate the global takeover and modern day mass genocide taking place today in 2021. Using a fabricated non existing virus, to get the population to take their toxic Gates funded experiment. The ingredients has been exposed by brave spanish scientists who have stated the 99.8% ingredient of graphene oxide is toxic to animals and humans, and will shorten the lifespan of all who take the injections. So far the unreported death rate caused by the experimental jab has reached over 100,000. Serious side effects approx. 500,000. Boosters are not recommended.