Never Again is Now Global! Is History Repeating Itself?

Is History Repeating Itself?

Doc Whistleblower: Vax Likely Designed To Change DNA & Allow Cancer To Grow; Dr...

Huge New Findings! Vax likely Designed to Change DNA & to turn on the molecular switches for cancer to Thrive

A Red Line, Another constraint on Big Brother’s grip, by Bruce O’Hara

Another constraint on Big Brother's grip

Absolute Bombshell Documentary – Covenom-19

CIA use of shellfish toxin as a weapon (dart gun) to stop hearts of humans, congressional hearing in 1975

(DS) Has Lost The Narrative, They Are Fighting For Their Lives, Panic In DC...

The [DS] has lost the narrative, every fake event they created is falling apart and the people are learning the truth.

Justin Trudeau Sacrifices Canada On The Altar Of Wokeness, by Brad Salzberg

“Will Trudeau sacrifice everything Canada has stood for since its inception to fulfill his WEF-fuelled woke mission?”

Heat map reveals worst-hit areas amid calls for ‘urgent investigation’ into crisis blamed on...

Parts of England logged 50 per cent more deaths than expected in December amid the NHS crisis, a resurgence in flu and the knock-on effects of the Covid pandemic, MailOnline analysis of official figures shows.

Economic Disasters in 2023 – Robert Kiyosaki and @JamesRickardsProject

The weight of high inflation rates and quick monetary tightening have worsened the US economy's prognosis in 2023.

The National Citizens Inquiry —Almost There—And Then—?? by Brian Peckford

I was a strong  supporter of the National Citizens Inquiry. As a matter of fact , with others , I was in the front line suggesting such  a measure.