Smart meters cook us with thousands of microwave pulses every day, while collecting our...

If you have smart meters in your neighborhood – and there’s a good chance you do – you’re being cooked with thousands of microwave pulses every day

Justin Trudeau sides with terrorists, again, by Brian Lilley

Note that Trudeau calls the, “Reported use of excessive force and live ammunition is inexcusable.” Who reports that it is excessive? The Hamas government of Gaza, a terrorist organization

Ratings Crisis: CNN Suffers Viewership Collapse of Nearly 30 Percent

With week two of May 2018 now in the books, we find that CNN’s ratings have collapsed even more than last week, close to -30 percent in total viewers and an astonishing -35 percent in demo viewers

Man Who Stabbed Canadian Soldiers & Cited Radical Islamist Ideology Acquitted Of Terrorism Charges...

The attack was motivated by the defendant’s radical religious and ideological beliefs but there is no dispute that the formation of those beliefs was in large part precipitated by mental disorder

The 20 biggest cancer lies you’ve been brainwashed to believe by the criminal fraudsters...

You've been taught all sorts of lies about cancer by the "cancer profiteers" -- the institutions, cancer doctors, oncology centers and chemotherapy drug makers who profit from cancer

I Know the Name of the Spy the FBI Put in the Trump Campaign,...

The New York Times over the New Year’s weekend, 2017-2018, wrote a story saying that actually it was something else that triggered everything, and that was George Papadopoulos

Haley Gives Unequivocal ‘No’ to UN Push for ‘Legally Binding’ Climate Pact with US

The United Nations has approved a proposal that would streamline international environmental law and codify it under one “legally binding” document enforceable over all nations, according to Fox News.

Andrea Horwath’s ‘Sanctuary Province’ Scheme Would Devastate Ontario’s Economy & Social Programs

Social programs would be stretched far past the breaking point, the economy would suffer immense damage, and the already massive public debt would get even worse