Astute Canadians recognize what the majority do not: Transgenderism is a profit-making industry.

by Brad Salzberg


November 3, 2022

While mainstream media in Canada are unlikely to report it, a recent poll on a contentious social issue speaks volumes:

“A new poll has revealed that a majority of Americans will not vote for candidates that support the medicalized gender transitions of minors.”

The poll, conducted by The Trafalgar Group in partnership with Convention of States Action for The Post Millennial, found “that 72.7 percent of Americans are unlikely to vote for candidates that support child sex changes or medicalized gender transitions for minors, through puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and body mutilating surgeries.”

Enter stage leftist Marci Ien, Liberal Minister for Women, Gender and Youth:

“As we continue to the work towards building an inclusive Canada, we also commit to speaking out against the harmful impacts of transphobia and discrimination on the basis of gender, in all its forms.”

“We stand with Trans communities in Canada and around the world.”

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  1. I know enough as a news/talk junkie for years that back when the mental health system looked at transsexualism (THIS IS WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS!) that you had to be over 18 years of age, be referred to a mental health professional by a family doctor, who is studied in transsexualism and once he/she is more sure of your gender dysphoria, you would have to live as the other gender for TWO years taking a prescribed amount of hormones before you can have sexual reassignment surgery. This was to help make sure those who actually may not suffer any real gender dysphoria would not be rushed into permanent body modifications.

    Today as in most of our health systems these rules no longer apply. Any person and yes now minors can just essentially claim to be transsexuals/ transgender and demand sex hormones, puberty blockers and sexual reassignment surgeries without much true consultations and even for minors increasingly without much parental oversight.

    THIS IS A DAMNED CRIME! People need to go to prison over this crap.

    It’s one thing for a legal adult to make such often ill-founded choices including gender surgeries, but to have children under age 18 be able to do so is a sick and deranged crime.

    Statistically over 90% of all minors who dabble with any form of gender identity issues if not brainwashed or led to such by adults and or doctors grow out of this by puberty.

    Crossdressing/transvestism is NOT transgenderism. It’s often just a phase or thing some people, mostly males do as today females often do not dress like females anyways and dress in clothing relatable to what dudes wear. The led by alphabet community and yes perverted doctors have made boys who crossdress to think that they should be living as girls. This is NONSENSE! Little Johnny, Tommy, Billy etc. gets some personal enjoyment to play dress up with his sister(s) and her/their friends or play such at granny’s house does not just make them transgender. KIDS PLAY, KIDS HAVE IMAGINATIONS, THINGS MAY CAPTURE THEIR FASCINATION! FFS! Leave them alone before you eff them up with your social nonsense of transgenderism.