Bannon is a Nationalist, Kushner is a Globalist. This is where the rubber meets...

The fighting between Kushner and Bannon has been “nonstop” in recent weeks, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. It’s been an “open secret” that Bannon and Kushner often clash “face-to-face,” according to senior officials.

Canada: Trudeau Liberals planning gun grab?

Criminals, by their very definition, aren't going to follow the new laws any more than they follow the current laws. Criminals aren't registering their handguns,

BREAKING: Major U.S. City Implements Sharia Law. Media REFUSES to Report This.

Islam is incompatible with the West, and doesn’t mix well with American traditions like civil law, liberty, and freedom of worship. Unfortunately, wherever Muslims hold a majority population in the West, Sharia law rules.

It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition

The results of their findings continue to indicate that the WTC towers were destroyed by controlled demolition, and the fact that this controversial topic was covered by a publication that boasts an editorial committee from reputable colleges and universities around the world (despite the article’s disclaimer), can be considered yet another small victory for 9/11 Truthers.

GUTTING OVERSIGHT: Trudeau Eviscerating Parliamentary Budget Officer

The government has now mandated that the Parliamentary Budget Officer must submit an annual “work plan” to both the House and the Senate for approval. This destroys the independence of the office.

China is no friend to Canada If Canadians keep hearing that we need ‘more,...

There is going to come a point, soon, when Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will discover that Canadians have had just about enough of being told that what they need is “more, more, more” to do with China, as John McCallum, our ambassador to Beijing, likes to put it.

List of Freemason Celebrities: The Brotherhood


This Is Why Poland and Hungary Push Back Against EU Thug’s Demands To Take...

Courtesy of Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) April 4, 2017 in News by Slad Source: Right Alerts | By COLLEEN CONLEY  Imagine if unelected officials from Canada and Mexico demanded...

George Soros Backs Trudeau…

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media explains Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ties to George Soros.