(Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems determined to hang on to power, despite the earthquake upset byelection loss in Toronto St. Paul’s. Writer Paul Forseth, a former Member of Parliament, predicts that the Liberals will resort to an ‘off-book’ campaign in their efforts to win the next election.Shaun Polczer/Western Standard)

by Paul Forseth

Western Standard

June 27, 2024

Despite the stunning electoral turnaround in the Toronto St Paul’s byelection on June 24, Trudeau doubled down on his assertion that he is still being the man for the job.

He will not resign. His ego is too big to accept that kind of accountability. Furthermore, there are no credible replacements. No, not even the untainted partial outsider Mark Carney. As for the cabinet, it is compromised as a normal course: any pretender to the throne would have to resign from that pack.

Moreover, polls tell us that it would not matter who replaced Trudeau. The nation wants political change, and it is going to do it with a vengeance, regardless of who or what the Liberals put in the display window. They cannot ’empathize’ or ‘feel our pain’ as a way out of this one.

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