Drea Humphrey looks at how, unannounced to Canadians, newly released FOI documents reveal COVID-19 vaccines caused 16-times more adverse events and 14-times more hospitalizations compared to flu shots in British Columbia.
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  1. How is Bonnie Henry still employed? Every time she went on Global, CTV and City she was lying. She lied about how dangerous the virus was and she lied about the jabs stopping transmission. She is still not allowing people who refused the “dangerous and useless” shots to work in a collapsing BC healthcare system.
    There has been no accountability whatsoever and the legacy media liars are just as guilty as Bonnie Henry.
    What has transpired is beyond government incompetence and is in the realm of criminality.

  2. The federal government has admitted that 488 Canadians have been KILLED by the GMO jabs. They’ve paid out $14,000,000 in compensation most of which has been hoovered up by “consultants” who’s main task seems to be making it difficult for people to collect. I wonder if they are the same “consultants” that fleeced taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars for the ArriveCan app? The sad reality is that ANYONE that took even a single GMO jab is a ticking time bomb.